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Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS)

Cloud Management

  • Tired of managing with immature toolsets from multiple vendors that only give you part of the big picture?
  • Wish you could compare the true cost of running your resources at a cloud service provider before you even order?
  • Need a way to easily provision across multiple clouds (private, public, and hybrid)? 
  • Don’t have the time or resources to manage Shadow IT, chargeback, or islands of disparate bills?

Introducing GreenPages’ Cloud Management as a Service. Revolutionizing the way organizations plan, build, run, and govern hybrid cloud environments—all through a single-pane-of-glass portal.

GreenPages Cloud Management as a Service: Infrastructure and Operations

GreenPages Cloud Management Brokerage and Governance


CMaaS Infrastructure Operations

CMaaS Infrastructure OperationsDiscovery & Asset Management
Monitoring & Alerting
Patching & Updating
Reporting & Performance Analysis
Security & Compliance

CMaaS Brokerage & Governance

CMaaS Brokerage & GovernanceBrokerage & Governance
Design & Configuration
Cost Modeling & Workload Placement
Sourcing & Provisioning
Consolidated Billing

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Let’s Talk About CMaaS

Let's Talk About GreenPages CMaaS

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