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Datacenter Transformation

Most organizations are operating on datacenters built in the 1980s or 1990s that are simply not optimized for modern technologies. Now, with virtualization challenging the efficacy of traditional datacenter and network design, and as the cloud computing paradigm transforms how we approach computing itself, it’s necessary to take a different look at exactly what’s needed to implement the next generation datacenter.

Considerations such as greater demand for I/O capacity; power consumption; bandwidth; disaster recovery; virtualization; storage; switching; security—all need to be carefully and strategically weighed when designing, building, or upgrading your datacenter.

GreenPages’ datacenter transformation solutions enable companies to consolidate equipment and facilities to adopt a more efficient, centralized model that provides continuous availability for your applications, lets you shift workloads to where they run best, and ensures zero downtime and zero data loss—all with the flexibility to easily scale for future growth.

Weeks Medical Center Benefits from GreenPages Managed Services and Professional Services Offerings
Darrell Bodnar, Director of Information Services, Weeks Medical Center

Darrell Bodnar, Director of Information Services at Weeks Medical Center, describes his relationship with the GreenPages Professional Services and Managed Services teams. Weeks Medical Center was expanding servers at an incredible rate to the point where they were exceeding their datacenter capacity. With GreenPages’ help, Darrell was able to virtualize 95% of his servers. He also utilized GreenPages 24/7 monitoring services to keep his environment fully functional.

GreenPages Helps Axceler with Datacenter Migration and Data Recovery and Backup
John Reid, IT Manager, Axceler

John Reid, IT Manager at Axceler, discusses how GreenPages helped Axceler migrate the datacenter across the country, recovered and backed up data by utilizing GreenPages Configuration Center, and how Axceler relies on GreenPages Project Management and Professional Services teams.