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Organizations today are faced with the harsh reality that they must gain efficiency and operational flexibility to sustain growth in a challenging economy. But how can you become more efficient without spending more money? By more tightly mapping your business priorities to your technology environment.

Since CEOs and CIOs have common goals—to run the entire company as productively as possible—collaboration between these (traditionally siloed) departments is essential. Once your operational processes and business priorities are aligned with your systems and infrastructure initiatives, you can take complete advantage of the power of innovative technologies to drive your business at optimum capacity. Loses Their IT Manager, Brings in GreenPages to Help
Jacklyn Parks, Manager of IT Services, PaperHost is a document imaging company based out of Roswell, Georgia. After losing its IT Manager, PaperHost decided to leverage GreenPages to help fill the void. Jacklyn Parks, Manager of IT Services at PaperHost, talks about how the partnership with GreenPages has drastically reduced her stress level and has allowed her to focus on higher-level projects that are more important to her. She can now focus on managing projects instead of doing all the hands-on work.

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