Although GreenPages works with many different kinds of companies, we are especially equipped to provide solutions to the unique technology challenges-and opportunities-that organizations in specific industries face.

Our expertise in areas such as email archiving; network access controls; wireless and mobility; continuous data protection; BCDR; security audits; compliance audits; penetration testing; vulnerability assessments; and content security enables us to tailor solutions for the following industries:

Commercial Technology Solutions

GreenPages provides the technological expertise commercial businesses need to implement new technologies, extend the life of legacy systems, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Finance Technology Solutions

GreenPages understands the unique challenges facing financial institutions today, and has the experience and expertise to deploy the IT initiatives that will give your clients the highest level of security and privacy.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

GreenPages provides technology solutions that ensure healthcare organizations maintain patient care standards, centralize clinical information, and provide access to a community of physicians, mobile care givers, third party benefit providers, and employees.

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