Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Many organizations implement Managed IT Services on an after-the-fact basis, adding management and runtime support to equipment and applications when they run into support or growth challenges. However, IT management and governance is increasingly becoming an embedded part of the data center infrastructure decision process. IT is now asking “What is the best execution environment for this workload, given my SLA and support expectations, and how can I most cost effectively deploy and consume that compute environment allowing for scale and consistent availability?”

GreenPages’ Managed IT Services help clients:

  • More effectively manage every aspect of your hybrid cloud environment
  • Gain visibility into how your infrastructure is performing across virtual, private, and public cloud environments
  • Move from a reactive stance of “putting out fires” and give you time to work on strategic projects
  • Implement strategies and tools to manage across physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • Improve system performance and efficiency, minimize downtime, and meet SLAs
  • Ensure users have IT support and access to all the systems and applications they need 24/7
  • Leverage technologies you already have and seamlessly integrate new ones

    Infrastructure Operations

    GreenPages’ Infrastructure Operations capabilities offer customers modern IT resource management services while keeping costs predictable and controlled so IT can focus on strategic projects.

    End User Computing and Mobility Services

    With a growing number of mobile computing devices proliferating the workplace, lines of business turning to cloud-based services, and people demanding virtual desktop solutions to be productive, IT administrators are faced with a new generation of challenges for securely managing corporate data across a broad array of computing platforms.

    GreenPages RACI Framework

    RACI is an essential tool not only to ensure all complex tasks and activities are assigned and completed appropriately, but to enhance the value of the services being consumed. RACI clarifies from the start exactly what services the client can expect to receive across the entire IT stack when they engage with GreenPages.

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    Case Study - Managed IT Services

    Learn how GreenPages was able to save the organization a significant amount of money and free up their IT staff to focus on more strategic IT and business initiatives.

    Case Study - Managed IT Services

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