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IT Management

GreenPages’ IT management experts help organizations navigate the inevitable IT challenges businesses face: systems and machines breaking or failing; emerging technologies that supersede legacy applications and hardware; expiring software licenses; changing state and federal compliance mandates; and special projects that tax internal financial and staff resources.

Through PMP-certified project management professionals, technical staffing, technology lifecycle managers, BCDR and compliance experts, IT staffing (permanent or as-needed), GreenPages’ IT Management team helps you stay financially and operationally competitive.

Project Management

GreenPages' PMP-certified project management team leads you through your project's lifecycle, helping you add powerful solutions to your infrastructure and bringing your project to completion on time and within budget.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

The amount of data considered operation critical continues to grow at a staggering rate as regulations regarding data protection escalate.


GreenPages' compliance experts offer customers a deep understanding of current compliance regulations from policies to strategic planning to application selection to process stabilization.

Total Lifecycle Management (TLM)

GreenPages' technology lifecycle management team helps companies incorporate the latest technology, retire outdated equipment, and extend the life of legacy systems.

Technical Staffing

GreenPages' technical staffing offers companies the ultimate in workforce flexibility by providing additional support for large projects, or extra staff on a permanent or as-needed basis.

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