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Network Infrastructure

The modern network is no longer the simple cabling structure that connects your equipment and transports your data. Beyond LANs and WANs, today’s network is an intelligent, converged platform that drives data, video, voice, and mobility; a network of networks that touches every employee and every aspect of your business—throughout your organization and across the Internet.

As all of these technologies converge over the network, traditional IT silos must be redesigned in order to achieve successful system integration. It’s important to ensure the networking environment is aligned to the strategies of the datacenter, that the datacenter infrastructure is architected to support those goals, and that you are building a network strong and resilient enough to withstand business demands and harness technology advances.

GreenPages’ Network Infrastructure Solutions:

  • Network Infrastructure Design
  • Security & Compliance
  • Wireless & Mobility

GreenPages Helps Vermont Law School Rebuild Infrastructure after Hurricane Irene
Duncan Sutherland, CTO, Vermont Law School

After Hurricane Irene struck the U.S. east coast in 2011, Vermont Law School CTO Duncan Sutherland used GreenPages to help successfully rebuild and virtualize the school’s IT infrastructure. Since then, Duncan has enlisted GreenPages to assist with multiple other technology initiatives, including managed services, telephony, and MS SharePoint projects.

GreenPages Helps Milton CAT with ERP Infrastructure and SharePoint
Rod Ford, IT Director, Milton CAT

Milton CAT is a Caterpillar distributor for all of New England and upstate New York with sixteen full-service facilities and more than a thousand employees. Rod Ford, the company’s IT Director, worked with GreenPages to help with the transition from legacy systems to a complex ERP infrastructure. In the past, Rod had used four to five different IT partners for various projects which caused numerous management challenges and lowered overall project quality. GreenPages allows Rod to have one expert source with the skillsets necessary to successfully design, implement, and manage across his entire IT environment.