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Virtualization & Cloud Computing

It’s clear that we’re in the midst of a profound, pervasive, and inevitable technology paradigm shift. Cloud computing, fueled by the move to 100% virtualized environments, represents a massive platform change that is altering the status quo of IT. As this shift continues to gain momentum, IT strategies must be defined, planned against, and implemented in the context of this new world order versus perpetuating conventional IT paradigms.

GreenPages Helps Mid Coast Hospital Implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Gale Stoy, IT Director, Mid Coast Hospital

As the IT Director of Mid Coast Hospital, Gale Stoy must deal with the multiple challenges of managing a complex, rapidly growing environment. With 19 satellite offices and more on the way, Gale needed to find ways to increase the productivity and agility of her workforce. Gale relied on GreenPages to help successfully design and deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure.

GreenPages Helps Wire Belt Build 100% Virtualized Environment; Solves Challenging SQL Server Issues
Beth Lindberg, Director of Information Technology, Wire Belt Company of America

The biggest IT challenge for Beth Lindberg, Director of Information Technology at Wire Belt Company of America, is keeping all systems up 100% of the time while also containing costs—something she relies heavily on GreenPages for. Recently, one of Wire Belt’s hosts that contained SQL Server failed, and Beth brought in GreenPages to solve the problem and get their environment back up and running. GreenPages was also able to help Wire Belt virtualize 100% of their physical servers, increasing productivity and efficiency across the company.

Virtualization—the Key to Unlocking the Cloud

The driver behind cloud computing is the ability to access compute resources on demand without up-front capital expenditure. And as more companies adopt distributed applications capable of crossing compute boundaries, it’s crucial to have the systems, hardware, and management architecture in place to take advantage of the cloud.

Virtualization—the key to unlocking cloud computing—is the most strategic IT initiative that organizations can undertake during this significant market transition. GreenPages helps clients design 100 percent virtualized, cloud capable IT environments to seamlessly and securely harness the enormous benefits of the new computing model.

This Changes Everything. You Need a Plan.

Virtualization in all of its forms—client, server, application, network, and storage—provides enormous advantages to organizations of all sizes, but it also dramatically changes the way things are done and how decisions are made. And because implementing virtualization is organizationally and technologically disruptive, understanding how it affects every aspect of your infrastructure is absolutely critical.

Move to a 100% Virtualized Infrastructure

Beyond server consolidation, virtualization solves an even broader set of challenges by dramatically improving the efficiency and availability of resources and applications inside—and outside—your organization.

  • A virtualized architecture enables organizations to dynamically allocate hardware resources based on when and where they’re needed most.
  • Business continuity plans based on virtualization can make DR simple, reliable, and more cost effective.
  • A virtual desktop infrastructure enables IT administrators to quickly deploy and manage large numbers of desktops with custom configurations for a quality user experience.

Why Choose GreenPages as Your Cloud Computing Partner?

GP is one of the top virtualization and datacenter transformation companies in the U.S. with deep engineering expertise across all forms of virtualization: client, application, server, storage, and network.

We help organizations move toward 100% virtualized environments and the new era of cloud computing by designing, building, and managing resilient IT infrastructures that support your business goals and help you successfully navigate the journey to the cloud computing paradigm.

Samsung SyncMaster Cloud Display

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The Evolution of the Monitor is Complete

Samsung SyncMaster Cloud Display

SyncMaster Cloud is a whole new class of professional-grade monitors specially designed for desktop virtualization and cloud computing. The SyncMaster Cloud connects directly to the network so there is no need for a separate PC or thin-client at the employee’s desk – just the Cloud display.

With Cloud displays, employees can access their computing resources from a slim, clutter-free and energy-efficient monitor. Organizations can centralize sensitive data into the data center or cloudwhere it can be protected. Cloud displays also improve productivity by centralizing IT support andminimizing employee downtime. 

Samsung has partnered with leading desktop virtualization companies including VMware®, Citrix™, Cisco™, Microsoft® and Teradici™ to provide the widest choice in desktop virtualization platforms. Cloud displays can be deployed quickly and are available in a variety of sizes and form factors for maximum flexibility.