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VMware Partner Technical Advisory Board (PTAB) Post Meeting Update

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VMware Partner Technical Advisory Board (PTAB) Post Meeting Update

If you're interested in a blast from the past, continue reading, otherwise check out VMware's latest solutions here!  Finally back from the PTAB meeting in Palo Alto at the mother ship.  Great meeting, but I’m not a huge fan of 6 hour flights each way.  There were several great discussions over the two day meeting including, of course, a very robust discussion on the new vSphere licensing model.  I was able to get some clarification on outstanding questions in a few areas.

3 Reasons Why You Can Do Major IT Projects Yourself, But You’re Crazy If You Do.

  My Dad owned his own flooring business and I grew up in construction surrounded by some of the best contractors, plumbers, and electricians in the industry, all of whom took the time to teach me.  Framing, plumbing, electrical work – I can do them all.

Windows 8 – A Single OS for All Your Devices?

Last month, for the first time, Microsoft demonstrated the newest version of Windows, “code named” Windows 8.  According to a Windows 8 article on the Microsoft site, a major goal of this release is to bridge the usability gap between the traditional PC and the tablet/mobile device markets.

Designing a Network to Support End-User Devices in the BYOD Era

From school campuses to doctors’ offices to board rooms, it is more than evident that the iPAD/smart-device revolution has changed the dynamic surrounding host device access.  The employees who bring in their own personal iPads to work have caused a lot of strife for IT administrators; how do we provide access for these devices—especially when corporate executives get their hands on them?

Should I, Can I Virtualize? Some Advice for SMBs.

When dealing with many of our SMB clients (small or medium businesses) that are not virtualized, the conversation usually starts with, “I have 5-7 year old servers that are starting to have issues and are not under maintenance, and I need to update them.” I fully admit that I am biased, and the first thing I suggest is to virtualize and sleep better at night. Here are some things I talk to them about in my conversations.

VMware Announces New vSphere 5.0: Exciting Features…Confusing Licensing?

Yesterday VMware announced several new products, including vSphere 5, which has several new and exciting features, such as enhanced 3D graphics and disk I/O optimization for VDI environments.  It also has a VSA virtual storage appliance which allows one to build a fault tolerant virtual environment without the requirement of shared storage.

Defining the Cloud: Litmus Test

Here is a collection of thoughts I pulled together from recent conversations with colleagues and customers about what constitutes a "cloud solution" or whether an application is a "cloud application.” I'd love to have some comments on this.

Can Your IT Staff Sleep Through a Storm?

There is a story about a farmer who, looking for help, hires a man based on a recommendation that he “sleeps through a storm.”  One night, a fierce storm hits the farm, and the farmer wakes in a panic, rushing to make sure everything is OK.  He finds the helper sleeping soundly, the animals safe in their pens, and the farm weathers the storm with no problems.

Is Anti-Virus/Malware a Requirement for a Virtual Desktop?

I’ve been involved in countless virtual desktop conversations over the past several years, and this is a question that continues to surface and generate interesting dialogue with IT security teams. While security is only one of the numerous considerations for VDI, it is at the top of a lot of customers' lists. So, is anti-virus/anti-malware a requirement for a virtual desktop? Well, the short answer is yes, of course it is, but we need to dig a bit deeper here.

How to Get a Grip on Storage Growth (and Reduce Costs)

Too much data! According to a couple of recent surveys administered by IBM and other research organizations, up to 80% of data stored on hard drives is “unstructured.”  Simply put; this means messy, unorganized, redundant and duplicated files. But you still have to back it up – over and over and over again.

Back to Basics: Part 1 Memory Configuration in Nehalem and Westmere 2 Socket Servers

One of the joys of working at a company such as GreenPages is the different people and resources I have access to in solving customer problems.  That may sound strange, but there are so many deep technical pieces that touch, or are an integral part of, virtualization and datacenters that very few people can know everything.  I have experts in storage, networking, security, etc. that I can leverage to solve whatever solution I am working on architecting for a client.

Since When Did iTunes Become a Corporate Asset?

Recently a colleague of mine asked the following question of our circle of techies:  “What backup program do you use to back up your music from your work PC?”   I had to stop and think for a moment, before I realized that while there were plenty of viable answers (Connected, Syncplicity, Mozy, Carbonite, and various NAS solutions), we were all missing something larger here.  WHY was the music on the work machine in the first place?

Intro to My Journey to the Cloud Blog

Here is the first of many postings on the gripping topic Yes, there are a few of us out there talking about one array vs. another, one new technology vs. another, puncturing marketing hype, blah, blah, blah. I hope to stand out from some of the other, by virtue of the fact that I really worked as a storage and backup administrator for years, trying to figure out how expert and informed storage design and administration could help fulfill business needs and requirements.

Welcome to the Blogging World- Journey to the Cloud

So I’ve made it to the big time – I have my own blog as a part of Journey to the Cloud. Candidly, when I was asked to be a blogger for Journey to the Cloud, I jumped right in with no hesitation.  I love to write, and anybody who knows me knows that I have no shortages of opinions, so I figured it’d be a great gig.  I thought, “How hard can it be?”

The Blurred Line Between Business and Social Media

I was attending my daughter's college orientation (the parent part anyway) last week when I had an epiphany.  Well, more like a Significant Thought.  The Thought was brought on by what appeared on the surface as a very inane question asked by one of the parents.  We were in a session about the high school to college transition, when a woman asked,  “With all of this new technology like the Facebook and instant messaging, how are you [the college] planning on making sure that my child doesn't spend all his time in his room?  What are you going to do to make sure he gets involved in college social life?”

The Changing Face of Virtualization

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of virtualization.  I do not know of any other technology that provides as much agility, flexibility, and cost savings as running many virtual servers on the same hardware.  It is very common for me to show clients that they are actually using 10-15% of the resources on their physical servers and how much power and cooling they cans save by virtualizing them.

Cloud Storage Questions to Ask

Very short - just a few thoughts I don't want to lose track of around cloud storage questions you should be asking. GreenPages is partnering with cloud storage providers, so these are questions we have to ask on behalf of our customers.

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