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vSphere 5: Great Time to Upgrade and Get More than What You Paid For

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vSphere 5: Great Time to Upgrade and Get More than What You Paid For

There has been a complete change with the way VMware is licensing vSphere 5.0, and there are many blogs out that discuss the changes (good and bad).  I think a very good opportunity for smaller companies has been overlooked or not talked about much.  This VMware PDF outlines the different licensing options for vSphere 5, and  here is a previous Journey to the Cloud post discussing licensing and pricing changes.

How the Cloud Helped Us Through a Hurricane

  As the path of Hurricane Irene became apparent late the week of August 22, GreenPages’ Managed Services operations team realized we had some serious planning to do.

American Idol, Blockbuster, and Microsoft 365: Innovate or Die

I attended the Microsoft Partner Conference last month in Los Angeles, CA, and there were two major topics during the week.  The first was the recent release of Office 365 which is the epicenter of Microsoft’s cloud computing vision.  The second was which Hollywood stars we would see, obviously.   However, the only star I saw was an Allison Iraheta performance that Microsoft sponsored at the Staples Center.  (Allison, if you were unaware, came in 4th place on Season 8 of American Idol.  Apparently Danny Gokey, the 3rd place winner, was unavailable.)  Anyway back to Office 365.

View from the Trenches (part #3): Adjustments & Future of the Cloud

Here is the third and final video installment of the series (view part 1 of the cloud interveiw and part 2 of the cloud interview). In this segment, I discuss adjustments GreenPages has had to make on our own Journey to the Cloud. I also talk about the future of the Cloud at GreenPages.

4-R Service Approach- Part 3: Remediate

As we progress through the 4-R service approach, let’s recap the first two stages: Realize – This is all about creating a service model capable of identifying and vetting out service issues that require response.  The key factors here are the definition ofnormal state (and thus anything outside of that is abnormal), measurement of the current state in a live or near-live capacity, and alerting on real events. Respond – Stage two of the approach is the first externally facing stage and focuses on event handling, communication, and planning.  Momentum and visible action are key in this stage. Stage three is the Remediate stage.  Here, we first take action on the event itself, executing on the plan from the Respond stage.  While momentum and visibility are important here, tracking success toward the end goal trumps all other efforts.   Within Remediate, the following three concepts are critical:

A View from 30,000 Feet: What Does the Cloud Really Mean?

I wrote this post on a flight back from Colorado (hence the title). It seemed only fitting that, being up above the clouds myself, I should write my next Journey to the Cloud blog post. I started thinking back a couple of weeks ago, when GreenPages held its annual Technology Summit in Portsmouth, NH.  The event consisted of two and a half days of keynote and breakout sessions delivered by a combination of our top vendor/manufacturer partners and our own solution architects.  The event attendees included delegates from our top 70 customers and ranged from C level executives to IT management.  Probably no surprise to any of you, but the theme of the event this year centered on cloud technologies.  I was inspired to write this blog post based on some of the keynote sessions and feedback from attendees.

View from the Trenches (part #2): Effects & Benefits of the Cloud

Here is the second part of the video interview I took part in at our recent Summit event ( view Part 1). In this segment, I discuss the effects moving to the cloud has had on GreenPages. I also discuss the benefits we have seen from doing so.

4-R Service Approach- Part 2: Respond

With the realization that an event has occurred, the next step toward a return to normal state is to respond to that event.  Responding is the first interaction between the service provider and the consumer/customer entity.  Whether that entity is your internal staff, your customer base, or another provider is immaterial to the fact that a response is necessary.

View from the Trenches (part #1): An IT Director’s Definition of the Cloud

I recently sat down at our 15th annual Solutions Summit to discuss my definition of the cloud from an IT Director's perspective. This is the first of a three part video series. Let me know what you think, more to follow soon.

4-R Service Approach- Part 1: Realize

In my last blog, Chainsaws and Dogs, I introduced the concept of the 4-R service model.  The idea is to provide visibility and accountability throughout the delivery and consumption of services in an end-to-end delivery model.  This speaks directly to the cloud computing paradigm and the ever-blurring lines between what we provide and what we consume.

Portable Datacenter – Cloud Datacenter?

What if you want to use the cloud for a DR site? What are the security issues? Some quick thoughts:

You Spoke And VMware Listened! vSphere Licensing & Pricing Update, Take 2

On July 12th VMware announced the release of vSphere 5.0 and along with that a new licensing model that caused much confusion among customers and partners. They rolled out a concept of licensing the virtual memory (vRAM) of the VMs which would, in effect, require additional licensing costs. VMware received a lot of feedback from both partners and customers alike and based on that feedback, VMware answered the 4 major concerns that partners and customers had with the program.

Chainsaws and Dogs

If you see a man with a chainsaw in your yard you shouldn’t panic. No, really, it just happened to me last week. I was working from home, just me and my dog. At 9:30 a.m. I heard several popping sounds from upstairs (my office is on the first floor) but didn’t think too much about it. Then, about 40 minutes later, I’m on a conference call with a customer and happened to walk out toward the front room. Looking out the window, I saw a man with a chainsaw walking across my front yard.

Get Your HAT On: High Availability Thinking

High Availability (HA) in today’s campus networks has quickly changed from a want-to-have to a must-have.  As more and more real-time applications are now being converged onto our data infrastructure, the dependencies on that environment are dramatically increasing.

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