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The Advent of the Privileged Cloud

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The Advent of the Privileged Cloud

  What’s in a name?  Well, it could be a lot.  In fact, the name we assign something can have a huge impact of our perception of that thing.  Would you eat reconstituted chicken parts?  Thanks to whomever decided to call that a “nugget” you might.

Cloud: IT in 3D?

While watching TV the other night, I saw several trailers for movies, all of which advertised “in 3D.”  This got me thinking about how 3D and the move toward cloud computing share similar stories.

Healthcare to the Cloud

  Working for GreenPages allows me to speak with many Healthcare CIOs regarding cloud computing. The discussion almost always focuses on the typical concerns, and legitimate concerns, about security, infrastructure, cost, and what is a public and a private among many other things. As a former healthcare CIO, I can empathize with their concerns, frustrations, and the many mandates placed on their information systems teams.

Microsoft’s Big Easy: An Easy Way to Earn Some Extra Money

Just as apple picking, raking leaves, and football are reminders of fall, Microsoft’s end-of-year Big Easy Promotion is a reminder about how to obtain some extra subsidy dollars to put aside for future purchases.   Yes that’s correct, the Big Easy is back for another go round, and I know you’re excited.

How Long Do I Keep This Stuff Around?

One of the most frustrating issues for IT staff (an issue that continues to drive sales of storage [disk or tape]), is how long data has to be kept around. Anyone who has ever moved has been faced with closets, attics and basements full of stuff that they have paid to be moved or stored, that they have not looked at or used in years! No one is making us keep this stuff, and yet we do. We also do not have to keep most of those backups and emails either. The only reason we do is for the same reason that we keep the stuff around the house – no one wants to throw it out.

vSphere 5: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

One of the questions I have been answering lately for our clients is, “Do I upgrade to the new version of VMware (vSphere 5) or wait?”  This is not always a cut and dry decision for many of us and depends a great deal on your individual situation and aversion to risk. As a refresher, this VMware PDF outlines the different licensing options for vSphere 5, and  here is my previous Journey to the Cloud post discussing vSphere 5 upgrades. 

Power Over Ethernet, PoE Plus and the Weather Channel

In light of the recent weather conditions, I thought I would write up a short take for Journey to the Cloud on Power over Ethernet (PoE).  Over the last decade there have been several variations of PoE – starting with the proprietary (heard this story before) and moving to a standards-based solution.  This doesn’t mean that the confusion has gone away.

4-R Service Approach- Part 4: Recover

As this is the final stage of the 4-R service approach, it is fitting to close the circle on how I got onto this track of thinking.  In a previous post I had reiterated a situation I experienced while working from home one day, where a tree fell on the wires in my front yard.  The utility went through the first 3 steps of the 4-R service approach and completed the remediation.  This, however, is not the end of the story. Also, check out 4-R service approach part 1, part 2, and part 3 articles.

Earthquakes? Vacations? Always On: Highly Available Data

How long can your business survive without your data? What data, you ask? We’ll get back to that in a minute. How long can your business survive if your people can’t access the internet? How long can you go without cable or satellite TV at home, especially in football season or ? How long can you go without a mobile phone signal, where you can’t text, call or browse with your BB/Android/iPhone?

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