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5 Things SMBs Should Consider Before Deciding To Go Virtual

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5 Things SMBs Should Consider Before Deciding To Go Virtual

When dealing with many of our SMB clients (small or medium businesses) that are not virtualized, the conversation usually starts with, “I have 5-7 year old servers that are starting to have issues and are not under maintenance, and I need to update them.” I fully admit that I am biased, and the first thing I suggest is to virtualize and sleep better at night. Here are some things I talk to them about in my conversations.

Hey Webster! Adopt My Definition of the Cloud

I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the obstacles of Cloud adoption is the term Cloud itself.  What does it truly mean?  Is it a thing, a place, a methodology or a philosophy?  Is it singular, plural or a collection of many different things?  Capitalized or lower case? Can it be defined in such a traditional way?

Planning for Cloud Infrastructures: Build It and They Will...Not Pay For It?

Some of the biggest complaints I’ve heard (mostly from the SMB crowd) around the idea of the “build it and they will come” methodology of planning for cloud infrastructures, is that no matter how great the actual business value might be:

Thin on Thin Provisioning – Good Idea or Recipe for Disaster?

What are best practices around thin on thin provisioning? Well, I was part of a panel at a recent GreenPages event and a question was asked by the audience.  More specifically, the question was, what is the best practice regarding thin on thin storage provisioning?  

Network Utilization, KPIs and the Truth

Recently, I came across a question posed on our website asking how to effectively measure network utilization.  On a high-level that answer seems easy, but in reality there is more to it.  One should certainly measure bandwidth, and for the sake of this conversation we are talking WAN bandwidth, from both inbound and outbound perspectives.  While this snapshot could help from an immediate remediation perspective, it is only a snapshot.  If you didn’t run the command at the exact correct moment you might have missed something.  Actually, we probably already did.

A Mexican Soccer Team, BP Tweets, & Assumptive Reality

  Driving home the other night I heard a story about a Mexican soccer team who replaced the names on their jerseys with their twitter handles.  According to this article, the club gave a statement that said:  “in football as in life, 140 characters are enough to decide what side you are on”.

GreenPages’ Own Journey to the Cloud – Why We Did It

In my last post I told you that “The Vision Is Complete” – we’ve completed our move to “The Cloud.”   Today, I’m going to roll back to the beginning and discuss the vision itself (i.e. the “WHY”).

When It Comes to Cloud, Which IT Executive Are You? Part 4: Where Do I Start First?

  If you’ve been following my last 3 entries, you’ll know that I have been discussing my experiences talking to senior management at some of the largest financial, insurance and banking companies about cloud infrastructures.  I’ve related stories about the different kinds of customers I’ve met (the “Huh?,” the “Been There, Done That” and the “Dessert before Dinner” folks).   Finally, I get to tell you about the best customer in this series which is the kind of customer who not only has a clear understanding of what they want and where they eventually want to be; they also harbor no illusions about the cost and effort to get to that place.  

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