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How Cloud Computing is Like Transforming a '68 Dodge Dart

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How Cloud Computing is Like Transforming a '68 Dodge Dart

[youtube][/youtube] I’ve spent a lot of time lately in front of customers trying to help them understand what cloud technology means and, more important, how it can help their businesses be more efficient, effective and better able to meet or exceed their goals and objectives. In most cases, prior to speaking, the reactions I see are vacant stares and furrowed brows (sometimes on the same person…which is just a little disconcerting) as there is just way too much conflicting information that these businesses have to deal with. In today’s technology landscape, at least the one where some tech company is trying to sell you something, the overriding buzzword is cloud and it’s attached to just about everything and anything.

To the Cloud: The Change in Exchange

Every year technology gets better and faster, existing software gets better, and new software is released.  The only constant is change. A business that does not change is behind the times.  I have been involved with many interesting projects since I have been at GreenPages, and many of them have been related to Exchange in some way.  Most of these are projects involve upgrading Exchange from 2003 or 2007 to 2010.  Recently, I have noticed a new trend regarding Exchange.

Mobile Devices in a Cloud World

Someone recently said to me, "With everything moving to the cloud, mobile device security really isn't going to matter anymore. Sensitive data will never be stored on the device.” The thinking is that sensitive corporate data will be centrally stored and not held on mobile devices.  And with the proliferation of 3G and 4G networking, access should be available from almost anywhere. However, this doesn't mean that we no longer need to worry about security of the endpoint device.

The Good and the Bad of BYOD

The concept of “Bring Your Own Computer” to work is gaining momentum in the industry, with more organizations allowing employees to determine what end node device they want to use to perform their duties.  The potential benefits include:

How a Cloud Infrastructure Can Save or Make You Money

  Before you left click that mouse to go to that other “work related” page, wait a few seconds while I explain what I’m talking about.  While there is a ton of hyped up, blown out and super hyperventilated information out there about how the cloud makes your life better, reduces your workload and ultimately makes your coffee and butters your toast, not much is said about how the cloud can help your company save or make money. Real money…not that kinda-sorta-maybe-coulda money, but real put-it-in-the-bank money.

4 Tips for a Successful Cloud Migration

Guest Post By Rick Blaisdell, CTO ConnectEDU   Perhaps to recap some of the things that I have written about during the year, I would now like to propose a set of best practices for a cloud computing implementation, the ones that I believe are crucial. Here are the 4 most important aspects to determining the success of such an IT project:

To Converge or Not to Converge, That Is the Question

A popular growth area in the datacenter over the past decade, has been the concept of a hyper-hyper-converged infrastructure, and everyone wants a piece of the pie including HP, IBM, and Dell EMC.  All of these manufacturers will tell you that hyper-hyper-converged infrastructure is the greatest thing to happen to the X86 space in the datacenter since, well, we started building datacenters.  However, like any technology, this is not a one size fits all solution.

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