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Quality of Experience Management: The (Next) Holy Grail of IT Management- PT 3

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Quality of Experience Management: The (Next) Holy Grail of IT Management- PT 3

  By Michael Halperin   In the first and second installments of this series, we introduced the idea of Quality of Experience (QoE) Management and explored how traditional IT Monitoring tools are excellent at providing visibility into an IT environment, but lack context – the critical difference between traditional IT monitoring and QoE Management.  We explored exactly what constitutes context and broke it down into three components: Business Services, Infrastructure Mapping, and Benchmarking. So the question becomes, why isn’t everyone doing this?

King Philip Came Over For Good Steak: The Taxonomy of IT PT 2

IT's Kingdom Classification- Phylum In Part 1, I set up a conversation that compares the classification of IT to the taxonomy for biology, which we all (ideally) learned in high school.  Using the seven levels of classification, I began to outline how we can determine the genealogy of technology as it exists today in IT environments.  The hope is that we can use this taxonomy to categorize IT environments and identify those where our specific services and values align, and to better guide our customers moving forward.

Is the iPad the Next Hummer?

I just read the first part of a series of CNN Money articles dealing with the shortage of wireless spectrum in the US.  I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a subject I have not previously considered, and I would bank that the majority of people out there are completely blind to.  Based on the article, the available spectrum to support wireless transmissions is decreasing rapidly.  It is projected that in the near future we could run out of available infrastructure to support our growing consumption for all things wireless.

Plug Those Holes with Software, Not People (and While You’re At It, Fix the People Too)

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series It’s a well-known fact that most IT systems are operated as silos of activity where separate departments or divisions are each responsible for their own events/outcomes and run with their own sets of rules, roles and responsibilities. Operations, engineering, application development and so on; they all have their own way of doing things and basically support the goals and objectives of the business. Where those silos, or domains, overlap however, there are hand-off points…I call them holes… where people are plugged in (and are used to bridge the gaps). These people do things like approve provisioning requests, use tools to measure capacity, transfer data from one application to another, install software, etc. Plugging people in to these holes is an easy fix and usually seen as a stopgap measure until the organization comes up with a long term plan…that somehow never arrives…regardless of the fact that people are fallible and prone to make mistakes, forget process steps, miss deadlines…essentially, are human.

Bandwidth: It’s Not the Size That Counts…

When you hear someone refer to the speed of an Internet connection, you typically hear it measured by how many Megabits per second (Mbps) it is. When in reality, the amount of Megabits you move per second only provides a small contribution to the perceived “speed” of a connection and the remote user experience.

Quality of Experience Management: The (Next) Holy Grail of IT Management- PT 2

  By Michael Halperin   In our last installment, we introduced the concept of Quality of Experience (QoE) Management.

Cloud Life Cycle Management: Now That I Have It, How Do I Patch It?

  The complexity associated with patching, service packs, hotfixes, upgrades and firmware updates, defined as general life cycle activities, are nothing new to IT professionals. This has been an ongoing effort for many years now, and we have all come to expect that vendors will provide regular updates that include bug fixes, security patches and feature enhancements.  We have all experienced that common call to technical support to be greeted by the phrase: “are you running the most recent updates?”  While the cloud doesn’t change the need for these updates; it can, however, substantially simplify the process and reduce planned downtime..

King Philip Came Over For Good Steak: IT’s Kingdom Classification

The Taxonomy of IT – Part 1 Do you remember from high school, how we were all taught to classify biology via the old adage:  “King Philip Came Over For Good Steak?" The adage allowed us daydreaming students to remember the 7 layers of classification, which were Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species.  Since this is a new year, and hopefully a year of tremendous technological advances in the world of IT, I thought it would be appropriate to apply this classification to IT.  Besides, the only way to look forward to new IT “species” is to fully understand what we have today, is it not?

Quality of Experience Management: The (Next) Holy Grail of IT Management- PT 1

  By Michael Halperin   So there’s a problem in your IT infrastructure.  Maybe a server crashed. Maybe a firewall just went down. Maybe a network segment is completely jammed up with traffic. Or it could simply be a maintenance window to reconfigure a device. The list of potential events is endless.  But they all lead to one question:

Getting to the Core of Microsoft's SQL 2012 Licensing Changes

  In anticipation of Microsoft’s release of SQL 2012 later this year (no official release date yet), I wanted to highlight some of the new editions and important licenses changes that will come with SQL 2012.

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