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Always On: Highly Available Data Part 3: How Can You Recover Servers in the Cloud?

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Always On: Highly Available Data Part 3: How Can You Recover Servers in the Cloud?

To recap… How long can your business survive without your data? How long can your business survive if your people can’t access your business via the internet?

VIDEO: The New Wave in Unified Communications


The Hypothermic Cloud Infrastructure: Maintaining the Blood Flow to Tier 1 & 2 Apps

[youtube][/youtube] A particular sore spot since the beginning of the rise of cloud infrastructures, even the advent of utility computing is this: how do you forecast and pay for resources and justify costs for problems you don't have yet? After all, the entire premise behind funding the acquisition of compute resources is that you are solving an already identified need (problem) which you then attach a cost and an ROI to in order to convince management that they should cut a check. That model doesn't quite work in a cloud environment because usually the funding request is future looking (to solve tomorrow's need) therefore ROI is difficult if not impossible to predict. Here at GreenPages, the more we talk to customers about cloud and cloud technologies, and as the technologies themselves evolve into ever greater levels of sophistication and capabilities, we're finding some very interesting and innovative ways to help solve exactly that.

A Deep Dive Preview of Windows 8

  I took the plunge over this past week and decided I would check out the Windows 8 customer preview.  Now one would think that I would simply spin it up in a VM given my background in the virtualization space but that would have been way too easy.   No, I wanted to see it on bare metal so I blitzed my primary work laptop and went about installing natively.  First impression during the install process…  Holy **it, this is crazy FAST!  Yes, I have an SSD drive and I was installing from a USB 3.0 external hard drive but still; WOW the core install was done in less than 5 minutes from start to finish.  Installing Windows 7 Enterprise via the exact same method was more like 20 min, so far so good.

Security Recap: A Look Back on the RSA Conference


Part 2: While You’re At It, Fixing the People…

  As you may remember from part 1 of this 2 part series, I talked about how IT organizations typically use people as the gap fillers between silos or domains within their systems (i.e. to approve provisioning requests, measure capacity, transfer data from one application to another, etc.) and that as they transition to cloud infrastructures, more and more of those holes are being filled with software using automation and orchestration to accomplish the same tasks faster and more accurately. So now I want to talk about what happens after they plug those holes with software and what they then have to do with the people…and, no, it’s not fire them.

The Journey to the New IT: Four Key Observations

[youtube][/youtube] I do not think anyone who is currently working in IT right now would disagree with me that a transformation is in progress.  There would probably be a heated discussion on what that transformation is, or where it is headed, as this transformation can mean different things to different companies. Let’s talk about what GreenPages is seeing with our clients and how this can help you make sure this transformation works in your users’ favor.

King Philip Came Over For Good Steak: The Taxonomy of IT PT 3

IT’s Kingdom Classification- Class In Part1 and Part2, I have begun to map the classification of IT using the biological taxonomy framework.  Each of the first two articles identified the top levels of IT classification.  The Class level is the last of the major distinctions, and begins to show us where our services and value statements will have the greatest impact.

When Bad Resource Pools Happen to Good People

There are no lack of articles on the subject of VMware resource pools and shares, yet I am constantly amazed by how frequently they are misused.  This isn’t just a problem in the SMB either.   Resource pool abuse is an equal opportunity virtual infrastructure killer and I feel the need to dredge up the tired topic again in the hope of reaching at least one more vSphere administrator.

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