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VMworld Recap: Day One

Day 1 at VMworld 2012 has been pretty action packed.  The first order of business was the official handing over of the reins from Paul Maritz to Pat Gelsinger as CEO of VMware.  Paul will remain involved as he is taking the Chief Strategist role at EMC which owns 80% of VMware so I would not expect his influence to go away anytime soon.  From conversations I’ve had with others both inside and outside of VMware, the primary reason for this move seems to be purely operational.  Paul is an absolute visionary and has taken VMware to some fantastic heights over his four-year tenure, however there have been some challenges on the operational side in executing on the great visions.  This is where Pat comes into the picture as he’s historically been a pure operations guy so I envision the team of Paul and Pat to do some great things for VMware going forward.

Big Daddy Don Garlits & the Cloud: Capable Vs. Functional

I know what you’re thinking, yet another car analogy, but bear with me, I think you’ll like it…eventually ;) When I was a kid, like around 11 or 12, during the summers I would ride my bike into town to go to the municipal pool to hang out with my friends and basically have fun.  On my way to the pool I used to ride past a garage and body shop in my neighborhood and sometimes I would stop to look around.  One day I found it had a back lot where there were a bunch of cars parked amongst the weeds, broken concrete and gravel.  I don’t remember thinking about why the cars were there except that maybe they were in various states of repair (or disrepair as the case may be…lots of rust, not a lot of intact glass) or that they were just forgotten about and left to slowly disintegrate and return to nature.

Mind the Gap – Consumerization of Innovation

The landscape of IT innovation is changing. “Back in the day” (said in my gravelly old-man voice from my Barcalounger wearing my Netware red t-shirt) companies who were developing new technology solutions brought them to the enterprise and marketed them to the IT management stack. CIOs, CTOs and IT directors were the injection point for technology acceptance into the business. Now, that injection point has been turned into a fire hose.

Cloud Corner Series -The Networking & Storage Challenges Around Clustered Datacenters


Mind the Gap – Transitioning Your IT Management Methodology

At the recent GreenPages’ Summit, I presented on a topic that I believe will be key to our (for those of us in IT management) success as we re-define IT in the “cloud” era.  In the past, I have tried to define the term “cloud,” and have described it as anything from “an ecosystem of compute capabilities that can be delivered upon demand from anywhere to anywhere” to “IT in 3D.”  In truth, its definition is not really that important, but how we enable the appropriate use of it in our architectures is.

Cloudscape 2012: WhatsUp at GreenPages? Journey to success!

Guest Post from Caitlin Buxton, Director of North American Channel Sales, WhatsUp Gold Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc. The WhatsUp Gold team attended the GreenPages Annual Technology Summit this week on the scenic New Hampshire/Maine Seacoast. This event was one of the most valuable technology summits we have participated in this year. The three-day event showcased all of GreenPages’ exemplary talent, skill, and professionalism that the organization brings to the IT community for both clients and vendor partners.

Leading a Horse to Water, Driving Out Uncertainty in IT Cloud Projects

“What Cloud solution is right for us?” “What functionality will be available in this solution?” “When will I get my training?”

Journey to the Cloud First Year: Top 10 Posts

Journey to the Cloud has now been around for over a year! We thought it would be cool to count down our Top 10 Posts since starting the blog. Let us know in the comment section if you think we missed one of your favorites!

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