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Happy Techsgiving! Top 7 Tech Gadgets I’m Thankful for in 2012

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Happy Techsgiving! Top 7 Tech Gadgets I’m Thankful for in 2012

By John Dixon, Consulting Architect, LogicsOne With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I decided to take a couple minutes to think about what tech gadgets I have been most thankful for in 2012. I’ve seen both consumers and corporate clients really begin to embrace a few technologies over the past year. As a consultant, a lot of these things make life easier for me, my coworkers, and my company.

Kids on Work Devices, Bubble Wrap, and Why Every IT Organization Should Support BYOD.

[youtube][/youtube] LogicsOne Consulting Architect Francis Czekalski talks about the challenges that IT professionals face today when dealing with BYOD—from supporting devices to dealing with employee behavior—and offers some coping strategies for living in the BYOD Era. If you're looking for more information, download this BYOD webinar featuring Security Guru Ken Smith!

Optimizing Controller-Based Wireless LANs with Good Old-Fashioned Autonomous Concepts. Well – Kinda.

Get your attention yet? This isn’t fresh news by any stretch, but there are some good concepts to observe when deploying today’s controller-based WLANs. We have known for years the benefits of the typical controller-based wireless networks. The intelligence that the controller has of the access points (APs) and the ability to dynamically change channels and power outputs is obviously fantastic. Depends on the manufacturer as to what they call it – Radio Resource Management or Adaptive Radio Management etc. Either way, it’s one of the main reasons to go to a controller-based solution.

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