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IT Multi-Tasking: I Was Told There'd Be No Math

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IT Multi-Tasking: I Was Told There'd Be No Math

By Ben Sawyer, Consultant, LogicsOne   The term “multi-tasking” basically means doing more than one thing at once.  I am writing this blog while playing Legos w/ my son & helping my daughter find New Hampshire on the map.  But I am by no means doing more than one thing at once; I’m just quickly switching back & forth between the three which is referred to ask "context switching."  Context switching in most cases is very costly.  There is a toll to be paid in terms of productivity when ramping up on a task before you can actually tackle that task.

Apple, Microsoft and Windows 8

I’ve been using Windows 8 for my main work laptop since slightly before it came out and wanted to share my experience and opinion of this new operating system with everyone.

Project Managing Like Bill Belichick

By Jamey Beland, Project Manager, PMP, LogicsOne I’m going to go out on a limb and say that being a project manager leading a virtualization or IT project is identical to coaching a professional team the way Bill Belichick coaches the Patriots (sorry New Yorkites).  Hear me out on this.   A project manager and a coach each have the responsibility of delivering on the objectives of the stakeholder and owner. Each plans their strategy and objectives prior to starting the game.  Each has to make adjustments to the plan and strategy depending on circumstances and how the project or game progress (sorry Eagles fans).  Each has to work with some unique personnel in the project; (Divas don’t just exist in sports.)  Each has to lead a multifaceted and talented team to achieve a goal.  Ultimately each game is a basic project or at a minimum, a phase in a larger project which is to win the Lombardi trophy. In coaching and in Project Managing, the key basic principles are the same; setting expectations, having the players or project team provide input, and facilitating communication.  My colleague Craig Mullen hit on this in a previous posts: Active Project Management; Facilitate, Don’t Dictate.   Think about it, if someone does not know what is expected from him or her, how can they realistically do their job? You can’t win a game if you don’t know the rules.  This applies to the coaches knowing their role, just as much as the players knowing their role.  A PM’s role is to ensure that the each player clearly understands the expectations of the stakeholders and sponsors, just as a coach must be in sync with the owner and GMs. Furthermore, the PM or coach is responsible for ensuring the players and project members clearly understand their roles and responsibilities; this is done through project charters, project plans, scope objectives, and thorough communication prior to any project execution.  This is a key reason the Krafts have done so well owning the Patriots.  Each player on the Patriots knows what is expected out of them; as the Pat’s saying goes, “Just Do Your Job.”  The ones that get out of line a bit too much, might as well pack their bags (i.e. Randy Moss not playing the Patriot Way)!

When Encryption Doesn’t Mean More Secure

By Ken Smith I have had a number of clients reach out to me about how to implement whole disk encryption, SQL transparent data encryption, and encryption of VMware VMDK files in order to satisfy "data at rest" security requirements. My response is usually something like "Say that again?"

2013 Outlook: A CIO's Perspective

Journey to the Cloud recently sat down with LogicsOne's Executive Vice President & Managing Director Kevin Hall to talk about the outlook for 2013.   JTC: As CIO at GreenPages what are your major priorities heading into 2013?

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