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Guest Post: Why Midmarket Business Needs Cloud Services in 2013

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Guest Post: Why Midmarket Business Needs Cloud Services in 2013

Guest Post: Grant Davis This is a guest post and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of GreenPages Technology Solutions. The global market is becoming more and more competitive by the second, thus requiring businesses to operate very efficiently with regards to organizational structure. Businesses, specifically midmarket size, are faced with tall tasks in 2013. With a growing enterprise, information increases as the operations do. A growing company requires higher level data management, and this leads to more intricate demands when it comes to IT organization and communication.

The Newest Data-Storage Device is DNA?

By Randy Weis, Consulting Architect, LogicsOne Molecular and DNA Storage Devices- “Ripped from the headlines!”

Guest Post: Who Controls the Cloud Market – Providers or Consumers?

Guest Post:Ilyas Iyoob, PhD - Director, Advanced Analytics and Sr. Research Scientist at Gravitant We first went from reserving cloud capacity to securing capacity on-demand, and then we even started to bid for unused capacity in the spot market – all in an effort to decrease cost in the cloud.  Can we take this one step further?  Instead of us bidding for capacity, wouldn’t it be interesting if we can get providers to bid for our demand?

Two Minute Drill: Discover Cost Savings & Benefits of New VMware Releases

In this two minute video, Chris Chesley highlights some key ways to save money and take advantage of benefits in a variety of VMware releases.

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