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EMC Leads the Storage Market for a Reason

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EMC Leads the Storage Market for a Reason

By Randy Weis, Consulting Architect, LogicsOne There are reasons that EMC is a leader in the market. Is it because they come out first with the latest and greatest technological innovation? No, or at least not commonly. Is it because they rapidly turn over their old technology and do sweeping replacements of their product lines with the new stuff? No. It’s because there is significant investment in working through what will work commercially and what won’t and how to best integrate the stuff that passes that test into traditional storage technology and evolving product lines.

The Mac Chronicles – A CTO Perspective

By Chris Ward, CTO, LogicsOne It was early February and I was quite excited because it was finally time for me to get a new laptop.  We had recently enacted our Bring Your Own Device "BYOD" policy so I had a decision to make regarding what type of machine I wanted to carry around for the next 3 years of my life.  I've been in consulting my entire professional career and always had a laptop given to me by the internal IT group of whatever company I had worked for, albeit with a little personal input on the matter.  So, for the past 16 years, I had carried a Compaq or HP laptop of some flavor in my bag.  Normally, I would always try to get the most bad ass machine I could, which in the land of HP meant a mobile workstation and they were always great.  Fast, multi-core processors, lots of memory, lots of disk space, great video card, and great screen with high resolution.  The downside for me, however, was constant neck pain after lugging around 8-10 lb. laptops over my shoulder for a decade and a half.  So, I decided this time was going to be different.

Cloudviews Recap: The Enterprise Cloud

By John Dixon, Consulting Architect, LogicsOne A few weeks ago, I took part in another engaging tweetchat on Cloud Computing. The topic: the enterprise cloud. Transcript here:

Breaking Down the Management Barriers to Adopting Hybrid Cloud Technologies

By Geoff Smith, Sr. Solutions Architect It is inarguable that change is sweeping the IT industry.  Over the last five years a number of new technologies that provide huge technological advantages (and create management headaches) have been developed.  We have attempted to leverage these advances to the benefit of our organizations, while at the same time struggling with how to incorporate them into our established IT management methodologies.  Do we need to throw out our mature management protocols in order to partake in the advantages provided by these new technologies, or can we modify our core management approaches and leverage similar advances in management methodologies to provide a more extensible platform that enables adoption of advanced computing architectures?

VDI Video: Benefits, Risks, and Predictions


Colocation: 55+ living for your IT equipment

I recently sat on a planning call with an extremely smart and agreeable client. We had discussed a modest “data center” worth of equipment to host the environment he’s considering putting into production. I asked the simple enough question of “where are you going to deploy this gear?” I have to admit not being very surprised when he responded: “Well, I’ve cleaned out a corner of my office.” Having spent some early days of my IT career working in a server closet, I knew that if the hum of the equipment fans didn’t get to him quickly, the heat output would for sure. This is not an uncommon conversation. Clearly the capital expense of building out a “data center” onsite was not an appealing topic. So, if building isn’t an option, why not rent?

What's the Buzz? Recap of VMware Partner Exchange

By Chris Ward, CTO, LogicsOne I am just returning from the VMware Partner Exchange conference (PEX) that was held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  While this was a partner, as opposed to a customer, focused event there were a few tidbits I felt made sense to share with you so here we go….

BYOD: Quick Tips and Facts

By Francis Czekalski, Consulting Architect, LogicsOne There's no doubt that BYOD is a top buzzword and priority for IT decision maker in 2013.  This is certainly a complex issue that requires a lot of planning and commitment if your organization expects positive results. Below are a couple quick points on BYOD that your organization should keep in mind when implementing and monitoring a policy.

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