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Catching up with Chuck Hollis: A Storage Discussion

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Catching up with Chuck Hollis: A Storage Discussion

Things are moving fast in the IT world. Recently, we caught up with Chuck Hollis (EMC’s Global Marketing CTO and popular industry blogger) to discuss a variety of topics including datacenter federation, Solid State Drives, and misperceptions surrounding cloud storage.

Complicating Cloud- Yes You Can, But No You Shouldn’t

By Ben Sawyer, Consulting Architect, LogicsOne As a software engineer it is very easy to, well, over-engineer something.  But, just because you *can* do something doesn't mean you *should* do something.  For example, I can get a tattoo but I shouldn't.  That being said, I did get a tattoo a while back so don't judge me.  Okay, back to the point.  In these days, where for almost any project it's hard to control scope, it's very easy for an engineer to go above and beyond what is required because often times they will build something because they think it's cool.  These ideas are often not vetted with the internal team or, even more tragically, the client.  And, while the idea may actually be great, the engineer has unknowingly increased the duration of the project significantly because, now, not only will time be used to implement some feature but more time is needed to test how that feature may affect the many other "known" features of a product or service.

Shadow IT Management – Which Pill Morpheus?

By Geoff Smith, Sr. Solutions Architect   The term “Shadow IT” has gotten more and more people thinking about the challenges we all face as we try to reign in our IT management and operations.  Recently, I caught a few minutes of the movie The Matrix…now, that movie is a bit of a visual trip, but once you get past the effects, the underlying dilemma it presents is intriguing.

Cloud Security: From Hacking the Mainframe to Protecting Identity

By Andi Mann, Vice President, Strategic Solutions at CA Cloud computing, mobility, and the Internet of Things are leading us towards a more technology-driven world. In my last blog, I wrote about how the Internet of Things will change our everyday lives, but with these new technologies comes new risks to the organization.

Cloud Corner Video- Keys to Hybrid Cloud Management


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