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How RIM Can Improve Efficiency and Add Value To Your IT Ops

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How RIM Can Improve Efficiency and Add Value To Your IT Ops

This is a guest post from Chris Joseph, VP, Product Management & Marketing, NetEnrich   Cloud, virtualization and hybrid IT technologies are being used in small and large IT enterprises everywhere to both modernize, and achieve business goals and objectives. As such, a top concern for today’s IT leaders is whether the investments being made in these technologies are delivering on the promise of IT modernization. Another concern is finding ways to free up IT funds currently spent on routine maintenance of IT infrastructure, so that they can invest in these new and strategic IT modernization projects.

What You May Have Missed From Citrix Synergy 2013

By Randy Becker, Consulting Architect, LogicsOne Citrix held its most important event of the year for customers and partners at the end of May. I have been attending these events for many years and this had to be the largest attendance I have ever seen. I was told that 60% were first-time attendees. There was plenty of excitement, and those of you who know Mark Templeton know that he tied in great classic rock to the event. The theme was “Going Mobile,” and what else to lead things off but The Who’s classic “Going Mobile.”

Part 2: Want to Go Cloud? What’s the Use Case?

By Lawrence Kohan, Senior Consultant, LogicsOne   Recap: In Part 1 of this blog post, I started by reiterating the importance of having a strategy for leveraging the Cloud before attempting to migrate services to it in order to achieve the best results.  Using an example use case, I showed the basic pros and cons of considering moving a company’s e-mail services to the Cloud.  Then, delving further into the additional factors to consider, based on the size and breadth of the company, I showed that in that particular scenario, that an e-mail migration to the Cloud would provide more benefit to small businesses and startups instead of medium to large enterprises; wherein such a migration may actually be more detrimental than helpful.

Is There Such a Thing as Just-In-Time IT?

By Praveen Asthana, Chief Marketing Officer, Gravitant   The concept of “Just-in-Time” was pioneered in the manufacturing supply chain as a critical way to reduce costs by minimizing inventory.   Implementing a just-in-time system that can handle unexpected demand is not a trivial undertaking.  It requires the confluence of a number of disciplines such as analytics, statistics, sourcing, procurement, production management, brokerage and economics.

Want to Go Cloud? What’s the Use Case?

By Lawrence Kohan, Senior Consultant, LogicsOne This is the first of a two-part blog series intended to provide practical, real world examples of when it makes sense to use the cloud and when it does not. We’re well into an exciting new era in the technology world.  The buzz-words are flying around at light speeds, and talk of “Cloud” and “software-defined-everything” is all the rage. Advances in virtualization, which allows software processes to be decoupled from underlying hardware, is giving way to amazing possibilities for moving around workloads as needed; either between racks in a datacenter, or even between datacenters!  In addition, the concept of “Cloud” is very exciting with the possibilities it offers businesses to leverage these advances by being able to move workloads offsite for greater availability, redundancy, disaster recovery.

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