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Why Automate? What to Automate? How to Automate?

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Why Automate? What to Automate? How to Automate?

By John Dixon, Consulting Architect Automation is extremely beneficial to organizations. However, the questions often come up around why to automate, what to automate, and how to automate.

The Second Wave of Virtualization

GreenPages-LogicsOne CEO Ron Dupler discusses the shift to the second wave of virtualization and what it means for organizations today.

Breaking Down a BYOD Initiative

An Interview with Matt Mock, IT Director at GreenPages Technology Solutions Ben: What encouraged GreenPages to adopt a BYOD policy? Matt: The biggest reason we implemented a BYOD policy was that it offered the ability to give users the flexibility to use the technology that they are most comfortable with. Our IT department was getting frequent requests for non-standard equipment. This forced us to do one-offs all the time and made support very difficult.

Cloud Spending Will Increase 1 Billion%

Cloud spending is certainly a hot topic. It seems like every week a new study comes out analyzing cloud computing growth. Whether it’s that Public Cloud Spending will reach $47.4B in 2013, Global SaaS spending projected to grow from $13.5B in 2011 to $32.8B in 2016, the public cloud services market is forecast to grow 18.5 percent in 2013, or cloud spending at Dunder Mifflin will increase 200% by 2020, the indication is that cloud adoption and cloud spending are on the rise. But how is that relevant to you?

Moving Our Datacenter: An IT Director’s Take

An Interview with Matt Mock, IT Director, GreenPages Technology Solutions Journey to the Cloud’s Ben Stephenson sat down with GreenPages’ IT Director Matt Mock to discuss GreenPages’ recent datacenter move. Ben: Why did GreenPages decide to move its datacenter? Matt: Our current contract was up so we started evaluating new facilities looking for a robust, redundant facility to house our equipment in. We needed a facility to meet specific objectives around our business continuity plan. In addition, we were also looking for cost savings.

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