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90 Second Tech News Recap for the Week of 1/27/2014

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90 Second Tech News Recap for the Week of 1/27/2014

Get your weekly technology new recap for the week of 1/27 in less than 90 seconds!

Why Nirvanix Doesn't Mean the End of Cloud Storage

By Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Virtualization & Data Management

The PaaS Market as We Know it Will Not Die Off

I’ve been hearing a lot about Platform as a Service (PaaS) lately as part of the broader discussion of cloud computing from both customers and in articles across the web. In this post, I’ll describe PaaS, discuss a recent article that came out on the subject, and take a shot at sorting out IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

A Guide to Successful Big Data Adoption

By Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Data Management & Virtualization

Grading the Internet’s 2014 Tech Predictions

  The time is here for bloggers across the internet to make their tech predictions for 2014 and beyond (we have made some ourselves around storage and cloud). In this post, a couple of our authors have weighed in to grade predictions made by others across the web.

Defining Requirements Leads to Successful IT Projects

By Erin Marandola, Contract Administrator, PMP Simply stated, a successful IT project is one that is completed on time and within budget.  But, how do we get there, and why are there so many project failures?  From a service provider’s perspective, a successful project avoids scope creep (the project getting out of control), which adds cost, time and risk.  The successful project should also avoid gold plating (the addition of unintended added features to the final product of the project).  These pitfalls can be easily avoided.  In this blog, I’ll review how properly defining requirements can contribute to a thorough, well-thought out Statement of Work, and lead to a successful project. 

5 Cloud Predictions for 2014

By John Dixon, LogicsOne   Here are my 5 Cloud Predictions for 2014. As always, leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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