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90 Second Tech News Recap for the Week of 2/24/2014

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90 Second Tech News Recap for the Week of 2/24/2014


The Big Shift: From Cloud Skeptics & Magic Pills to ITaaS Nirvana

By Ron Dupler, CEO GreenPages Technology Solutions Over the last 4-6 quarters, we have seen a significant market evolution, with our customers and the overall market moving from theorizing about cloud computing to defining strategies and plans to reap the benefits of cloud computing solutions and implement hybrid cloud models. In a short period of time we’ve seen IT thought leaders move from debating the reality and importance of cloud computing, to trying to understand how to most effectively grasp the benefits of cloud computing to improve organizational efficiency, velocity, and line of business empowerment. Today, we see the leading edge of the market aggressively rationalizing their application architectures and driving to hybrid cloud computing models.

90 Second Tech News Recap for the Week of 2/17/2014


Don’t Be a Michael Scott – Embrace Change in IT

Embracing change in IT is one of the biggest impediments IT Departments have to the adoption of new technologies. Many IT departments are entrenched and content in the way they currently run IT. But as the technology industry continues to embrace IT-as-a-Service, IT departments must be receptive to change if they want to stay competitive.

What IT Can Learn From Sochi

  By Ben Stephenson, Journey to the Cloud It’s no secret that the Winter Olympics in Sochi has had its fair share of problems. From infrastructure issues, to handling incidents, to security, to amenities for athletes, it seems like anything that could go wrong has gone wrong. So, what can IT learn from what has unfolded at Sochi?

DRaaS: Speed to Market, Lower Costs, & Self-Service Capabilities

By Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Virtualization & Data Management

90 Second Tech News Recap for the Week of 2/3/2014

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ATTENTION: Important Information About Microsoft Ending Extended Support!

By Rob O'Shaughnessy,Software Licensing Specialist, Pre-Sales Technical Support There are only a few months left before Microsoft ends its Extended Support for Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003. On April 8, 2014 Extended Support will cease to exist. At this point you should be making arrangements to upgrade to the latest editions of Microsoft products so you can continue to receive the necessary support that Microsoft provides. If you’re looking to upgrade, here are some paths for you to take.

Infographic: Demystifying the Cloud

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