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Tech News Recap for the Week of 2/16/2015

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Tech News Recap for the Week of 2/16/2015

Were you busy last week? Here’s a quick tech news recap of articles you may have missed from the week of 2/16/2015! VMware veterans unveil Software Defined Storage startup, Apple explores creating a self-driving car, and FAA proposes tight restrictions for drone delivery. In other news, a great phone you will probably never be able to buy in the U.S, and student data could possibly be at risk as privacy laws are out-of-date.

Emerging Technologies Across the Storage Landscape

There has been an influx of emerging technologies across the storage landscape. Many vendors are using the exact same hardware but are figuring out ways to do a lot of smarter things with the software. In this post, I’ll cover a handful of vendors who are doing a great job innovating at the software layer to improve storage technology and performance.

Tech News Recap for the Week of 2/9/2015

Were you busy last week? Here’s a quick tech news recap of articles you may have missed from the week of 2/9/2015! There was some good information around announcements made by VMware at its Partner Exchange event around vSphere 6, vSAN 6, and the partnership between VMware and Google. Tony Scott was named Federal CIO. President Obama, Apple CEO Tim Cook and others debated the topic of sharing cyber security data. Apple is working on an electric car design and Google is shutting down its expert video chat service, Google Hangouts.

VMware's Partnership with Google: vCloud Air & the Google Cloud Platform

  Following on from Chris Ward’s excellent blog coming out of VMware PEX 2015, I wanted to add some details to the recent VMware announcement (January 29, 2015) to partner with Google to “deliver greater enterprise access to public cloud services” via a combination of VMware vCloud Air and the Google Cloud Platform.

vSphere 6, vSAN 6 & Other Key Announcements from VMware PEX

Well, there’s nothing like coming back to the beautiful 4 ft. of New England snow after having been in the temperate climate of the bay area for the past week.  Might be time to consider becoming a snow bird!  In any case, there was a lot of news coming out of the VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) event over the course of the past week.  The 3 major announcements were vSphere 6.0, vSAN 6.0, and the VMware/Google partnership.  There was also some interesting news from EMC in relation to their highly anticipated launch into the hyper-converged market and the announcement of VSPEX Blue.  Today, I’ll cover the highlights of these announcements starting with vSphere 6.0.

Tech News Recap for the Week of 2/2/2015

Were you busy last week? Here’s a quick tech news recap of articles you may have missed from the week of 2/2/2015. As a reminder, your chance to win a GoPro ends this Thursday - all you have to do is subscribe to this blog!

Migrate-Gate: What to do with Windows 2003 End-of-Life

Deflate-Gate was the topic of conversation the past few weeks. Now that the Patriots are Super Bowl champs we can put this made-up, fake controversy to bed. What isn’t fake, however, is Windows 2003 support ending. What to do with End of Life approaching is a big topic of conversation now. It’s Migrate-Gate! Tick…Tick…Tick. Does this sound familiar? Tick...Tick…Tick…Windows 2003 Servers support is ending. Tick…Tick…Tick 6-months to go and now it’s time to tick...tick…talk about what you need to do.

5 Ways to Understand Your Applications and IT Services

How do you view your organization's applications and IT services? At GreenPages, we often suggest that organizations begin to conceptualize IT services as corporate IT evolves from a technology provider to an innovation center. Now, there are ways to establish and maintain a service portfolio through ITBM (IT Business Management or IT Financial Management) systems, but these are often out of reach for customers less than enterprise level. However, you can conceptualize IT services by looking at your applications from five different perspectives. Let’s use Microsoft Exchange as an example.

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