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Microsoft Blog: The cloud for any app and every developer

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Microsoft Blog: The cloud for any app and every developer

The below is an excerpt from a recent post on the Microsoft Azure blog by Nicole Herskowitz.

Tech News Recap for the Week of 11/16/2015

Were you busy this week? Here’s a quick Tech News Recap of articles you may have missed!

Microsoft Office 365: Expectations vs. Reality

There are many benefits to implementing Microsoft Office 365 including reducing capital expenditures, the ability to scale your business quickly, and simplified licensing. There have also been increased features and functionality such as Yammer, Delve and Skype for Business. Keep in mind, however, there can be some challenges associated with Office 365 implementations. Organizations need to take the proper measures to prepare for quality migration  and management of this critical suite of end user productivity services.

Tech News Recap for the Week of 11/9/2015

Were you busy this week? Here’s a quick Tech News Recap of articles you may have missed!

Bringing the Cloud to Life with the Microsoft Experience Center

It's oftentimes difficult to get a legitimate user experience when viewing a canned demo. That's why I'm a big fan of the Microsoft Experience Center. It's a mobile kit that operates out of the cloud through an Office 365 instance. This allows users to get that legitimate experience of interacting with Microsoft productivity solutions (while having access to experts to answer questions and provide guidance)  because it's not a prepared environment or running over faster internet. It's running over whatever the building you're in is providing so that you can get a real understanding of what the experience will be like accessing these applications from the cloud. Watch the video below where I discuss the Microsoft Experience Center in more detail, including the process, benefits, and key takeaways you'll leave with.

GreenPages is Helping Dead River Become a Transformational Services Provider

David Widener is the Director of IT & Project Management at Dead River Company and is one of the most cutting edge people we work with. Dead River Company is New England's largest energy marketer which means they provide wholesale commercial and residential energy services in the form of oil, propane, and, in some cases, natural gas. David is the senior most leader for both IT and Project Management with 20 years of IT experience.

VoIP Implementation – Why Won’t the Audio Work?

I recently worked on a project that ended up being a success but looked at first like it could end up being a failure. We were doing a Voice over IP implementation and were putting in a new switch network for a client that had 8 sites. When the time came for implementation we ran into some difficulty with getting audio working out of the local branches. At first, we were stumped, but it ended up being an issue with a 3rd party provider. In the video, I discuss what the issue was, how we found it, and how we remedied it. I also provide some tips on how to avoid similar challenges. Hope you enjoy!

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 End-of-Life: What You Need to Know

On April 12th of 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 will reach its end-of-life (similar to what happened recently with Windows XP). This means there will no longer be any more support or updates from Microsoft. Think of the critical data you may have that exists in your environment that runs on the platform. If you don't move off of SQL Server 2005 and it breaks (i.e. maintenance program that isn't operating properly, bad bit of data getting into the data base, etc.), you could be in some serious trouble. You need to look at the workloads you have in SQL and what the impact will be if you stay on the platform. Watch the video below as I dive deeper into the topic.

GreenPages Helps Wire Belt with Managed Services & Business Transformation

Here’s a video we did with a great customer of ours, Beth Lindberg. Beth is the Director of IT at Wire Belt Company of America. Wire Belt is a multinational stainless steel conveyor system manufacturer with locations in the US, Germany, and England. At Wire Belt, Beth is in charge of keeping all systems up and running, as well as thinking strategically for the US location about ways to utilize IT to help successfully drive the company forward into the future.

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