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Tech News Recap for the Week of 1/25/2016

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Tech News Recap for the Week of 1/25/2016

Were you busy last week? Here’s a tech news recap of articles you may have missed for the week of 1/25/2016! Walmart says its newly released OneOps tool will trump cloud lock-in. Microsoft plans to make Cortana smarter with the ability to scan emails and set alerts for commitments you may forget. EMC's Joe Tucci says the $67B Dell deal will get done. Apple's Safari browser was unavailable for some users around the world on Wednesday. Get a recap of the top announcements that came out of the Citrix 2016 Partner Summit that was held earlier this month in Las Vegas. These include updates around XenApp, XenDesktop 7.7, XenMobile 10.3, and PVS 7.7. Facebook will be setting up a second data center in Europe, Disney IT workers are filing lawsuits, and more top tech news from this week! 

Citrix Summit 2016 Part 2: XenMobile 10.3 and PVS 7.7

Here's part 2 in my series of recap posts of the most important updates that came out of the Citrix 2016 partner summit. In this post, I've gathered notes from Citrix around XenMobile 10.3 and PVS 7.7. Yesterday, I posted about what's new with XenApp and XenDesktop in case you missed it. If you'd like to talk about any of these updates in more detail, feel free to reach out.

Citrix Summit 2016: What's New With XenApp and XenDesktop 7.7

I recently attended the 2016 Citrix Partner Summit event in Las Vegas. I gathered what I felt were some of the most important notes provided by Citrix around what's new with its core enterprise products. In this first post, I will review what's new with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.7. In my next post, I'll share what's new with XenMobile 10.3. If you have questions around these announcements, please reach out. 

Want Your Team in the Super Bowl? Download a Virtualization Optimization Assessment (VOA)

We’re coming to the end of the NFL Playoffs. When I wrote the first draft of this post, there were four teams remaining with a chance to make the Super Bowl in Santa Clara, CA. After yesterday’s action, it’s down to two (being a huge Patriots fan this is difficult to swallow).  There is a very good reason why the Patriots, Broncos, Cardinals and Panthers were still remaining heading into yesterday’s conference finals games.  They built teams with solid defenses and offenses, created the perfect schemes to run, pass, and defend, and drafted or brought in the perfect player to fulfill their schemes. These winners did their research. They diagnosed and found out what their needs were and rectified, fixed and solved the issues that may have prevented them from being successful. Teams like the Browns, 49ers, or Chargers did not. Sorry if you’re a fan of one of those teams, but, the reality is, based on their records, these teams likely didn’t make the correct investments to ensure long term success and obtain a return on their investments. They didn’t implement a system to help them understand where their shortfalls were, allowing them to correct them. They made investments on the wrong players (hello Johnny Manziel) and now they are stuck with an underachieving asset.

Tech News Recap for the Week of 1/18/2016

Were you busy last week? Here’s a tech news recap of articles you may have missed for the week of 1/18/2016! Microsoft is cutting Azure prices by up to 17%. Citrix has hired a new CEO. Microsoft is donating $1B in cloud services to nonprofits. Wal-Mart is pushing for a greater online presence. Cloud infrastructure spend continues to grow. There were also a couple of good interviews that came out with new VMware CIO Bask Iyer and FCC CIO Dr. David Bray, as well as some good articles around wearables, app security, and the worst passwords of 2015. 

Microsoft Azure Prices Being Cut by up to 17%

At the end of last week, Microsoft announced it will be reducing prices for it's Dv2 instances by up to 17% next month.

Tech News Recap for the Week of 1/11/2016

Were you busy last week? Here's a tech news recap of articles you may have missed for the week of 1/11/2016! An issue was found with Fortinet's FortiOS. The issue affects firmware versions 4.30-4.3.17 and 5.0-5.0.7. Customers running a Fortigate Firewall with these versions are advised to upgrade to version 5.2.3. Could there be a ban of encrypted smartphones in New York? The US Intelligence Chief was hacked by the same teen who hacked the CIA Director. Hyatt Hotels said their data breach hit 250 hotels across some 50 countries. Malware alone didn't cause the Ukraine power station outage...and more top news from last week! 

Moving to Hyper-converged from a Traditional Virtualized Infrastructure

Many organizations are moving away from traditional virtualized infrastructures to some sort of a hyper-converged option. One reason is to escape the hamster wheel of renewals. Many companies don’t have enough budget to get refreshed servers, storage, and switches every 3-5 years, so they end up splitting it up over that time span. This means every year they are spending a lot of money to upgrade individual items. It’s certainly not the most cost effective way of operating. If you move to a hyper-converged option, it consolidates all of your hardware, storage, servers and in some cases networking into one set of hardware. This makes refreshes much easier. It’s something you can plan for and is often times more cost effective. Watch the video below for more hyper-converged info!

Tech News Recap for the Week of 1/4/2016

Were you busy this week kicking off the new year? Here’s a quick Tech News Recap of articles you may have missed! Tech News Recap A modem flaw in the super-secure Blackphone could be used to hijack the phone. The Treasury Department is looking into ways to use big data, Ford wants its vehicles to talk to DJI drones and Amazon Echo, and you guessed it - plenty of 2016 predictions. 

Infinio Blog: Executive Viewpoint 2016 Prediction

This post originally appeared on Virtual-Strategy Magazine and is authored by Scott Davis, CTO at Infinio, a GreenPages partner.  It does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of GreenPages Technology Solutions.   It’s that time of year for CTO predictions. The rate of innovation and disruption across IT is certainly accelerating, providing ample opportunities for comment. Although there is a significant amount of disruptive change going on across many disciplines, I wanted to primarily focus on storage observations for 2016. Emergence of Storage-class Memory Toward the end of 2016, we’ll see the initial emergence of a technology that I believe will become the successor to flash. This new storage technology (storage class memory, or SCM) will fundamentally change today’s storage industry just as dramatically as flash changed the hard drive industry. Intel/Micron calls one version 3D XPoint and HP/SanDisk have joined forces for another variant.

Pitfalls of Microsoft O365 Migrations Part 3: Mobile Devices & Help Desk

Here is the 3rd and final part of my video series around common pitfalls of Microsoft O365 migrations (you can watch part 1 here and part 2 here). In this final installment, I dive into the mobile side of Microsoft O365 as well as how your help desk factors in.

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