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Key Benefits of vCenter Operations Management Suite

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Chris Chesley

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Apple, Microsoft and Windows 8

I’ve been using Windows 8 for my main work laptop since slightly before it came out and wanted to share my experience and opinion of this new operating system with everyone.

Random Thoughts: Servers, Windows 8, Virtual Storage Appliance


Virtualization for SMBs, Top to Bottom

Recently, Russ Stockdale wrote a blog post (part 2 of a 4-part series) on a VMware blog. He states that he is continuously looking for opportunities to increase revenue, control costs, and expand services to customers. These are the exact issues that I assist clients with all across the SMB range—from companies with one physical server running everything to customers with multiple sites and 100s of users. Since I get to talk to customers, many of which are SMBs (the same space Mozy serves) and architect solutions to their problems, whatever they may be, I figured I would write a blog along the same lines. The one key technology that we use and recommend is virtualization. Below are some suggestions for products/solutions GreenPages often provides SMBs.

Changing World of End User Devices

Let me start out by saying that I am not an Apple fan boy. I am not a Microsoft zealot or a Linux aficionado. I use them all daily; it is all about usability to me.

The Journey to the New IT: Four Key Observations

[youtube][/youtube] I do not think anyone who is currently working in IT right now would disagree with me that a transformation is in progress.  There would probably be a heated discussion on what that transformation is, or where it is headed, as this transformation can mean different things to different companies. Let’s talk about what GreenPages is seeing with our clients and how this can help you make sure this transformation works in your users’ favor.

To the Cloud: The Change in Exchange

Every year technology gets better and faster, existing software gets better, and new software is released.  The only constant is change. A business that does not change is behind the times.  I have been involved with many interesting projects since I have been at GreenPages, and many of them have been related to Exchange in some way.  Most of these are projects involve upgrading Exchange from 2003 or 2007 to 2010.  Recently, I have noticed a new trend regarding Exchange.

5 Things SMBs Should Consider Before Deciding To Go Virtual

When dealing with many of our SMB clients (small or medium businesses) that are not virtualized, the conversation usually starts with, “I have 5-7 year old servers that are starting to have issues and are not under maintenance, and I need to update them.” I fully admit that I am biased, and the first thing I suggest is to virtualize and sleep better at night. Here are some things I talk to them about in my conversations.

How to Pick Your Virtualization Platform

I have had some interesting conversations with clients about which hypervisor they should choose to run their production systems on.  I thought it would be interesting to discuss the matter here and see what others think about virtualization platforms.

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