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Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 End-of-Life: It's Time to Act!

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 End-of-Life is coming up on 4/11/2017. April will be here before you know it, and, if you're still running Exchange 2007, the time to start planning and acting is now. There are several options to consider when upgrading. For example, do you want to migrate to Exchange on-prem or to Office 365? There are also programs from Microsoft such as their Fasttrack offering that you can take advantage of. In this short video, I'll discuss end-of-life, the options you have in front of you, and next steps you should be taking. If you have questions around upgrading Exchange Server 2007, please reach out!

Microsoft Cloud: Can You Really Afford to Fail?

I'll be hosting a webinar on April 21 at 11 am ET entitled, "Microsoft Cloud: Can You Really Afford to Fail?" Below is some more information on the event. Be sure to register and bring any questions you'd like answered!

Exchange Server 2016: Improved Features and Functionality

In October of last year, Exchange Server 2016 became available. This was big news and, in case you missed it, I wanted to bring it back to your attention now that it has some market adoption. Unlike previous versions of Exchange, this one was forged in the cloud. Read this technet blog post to get a nice overview. Some of the highlights of new capabilities include:

Barracuda's New Essentials for Office 365

Barracuda has recently released its new Essentials for Office 365 offering. In the past, I would get questions from customers about wanting to back up Office 365 to be able to control it themselves and not rely on Microsoft. I unfortunately never had much to tell them. You’re option was to go through Microsoft. Barracuda is now offering single email recovery without recovering the entire mailbox, associated attachments recovery, and conversation recovery. Barracuda has heard customers and delivered on those requests in a great way. If you'd like to hear me discuss Office 365 in more detail, check out a webinar I recently did.

Microsoft Office 365: Expectations vs. Reality

There are many benefits to implementing Microsoft Office 365 including reducing capital expenditures, the ability to scale your business quickly, and simplified licensing. There have also been increased features and functionality such as Yammer, Delve and Skype for Business. Keep in mind, however, there can be some challenges associated with Office 365 implementations. Organizations need to take the proper measures to prepare for quality migration  and management of this critical suite of end user productivity services.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 End-of-Life: What You Need to Know

On April 12th of 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 will reach its end-of-life (similar to what happened recently with Windows XP). This means there will no longer be any more support or updates from Microsoft. Think of the critical data you may have that exists in your environment that runs on the platform. If you don't move off of SQL Server 2005 and it breaks (i.e. maintenance program that isn't operating properly, bad bit of data getting into the data base, etc.), you could be in some serious trouble. You need to look at the workloads you have in SQL and what the impact will be if you stay on the platform. Watch the video below as I dive deeper into the topic.

Microsoft Ignite 2015: Top News & Announcements

This week I was fortunate to be able to attend my first-ever Microsoft Ignite 2015 Conference in Chicago at the McCormick Center. Me and 23,000 of my closest friends. We all gathered in one of the most cavernous buildings I have ever been in to see what Microsoft would unveil. We were not disappointed. Satya Nadella, Joe Belfiori and Gurdeep Singh Pall brought us insight into what was to come and began to showcase the innovation being delivered in the latest Microsoft miracles—miracles to empower IT Pros in companies all over the globe.

5 Tips to be Prepared to Answer Cloud Questions from the C-Suite

Okay, so here we are in 2015 in this new age of cloud…what should IT professionals do to be ready to answer cloud questions and to be ready to migrate? It’s not a matter of if the CIO/CEO asks the question; it’s a matter of when. We, as IT worker bees, often are not privy to the conversations between the uber competitive CEOs of the world. They wouldn’t be CEO’s if they weren’t A-type competitive individuals. So the rule is how do I keep up with the Joneses, AKA my competitors in my marketspace.

Microsoft “Office 365 Video” Release – Common Questions Answered

In late November, Microsoft announced that first release customers would have access to Office 365 Video – a YouTube type video service in Microsoft 0365. Previously, video in O365 has pretty much been a load it to OneDrive and/or SharePoint online and “let ‘er rip” service. Customers could use the local video tool of their choice to watch their own videos but were not able to treat it as a viable social media entity like YouTube. For many users, the biggest detriment originally was that there was no organization or even ways to spawn that video online, let alone share or comment on it, so it really was not a great alternative to YouTube. But if I want a Microsoft-centric solution to promote my business within the ever expanding Microsoft Cloud model, then what do I use for a native solution without a ton of development time? Microsoft believes Office 365 Video is the answer.

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