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Kids on Work Devices, Bubble Wrap, and Why Every IT Organization Should Support BYOD.

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Kids on Work Devices, Bubble Wrap, and Why Every IT Organization Should Support BYOD.

LogicsOne Consulting Architect Francis Czekalski talks about the challenges that IT professionals face today when dealing with BYOD—from supporting devices to dealing with employee behavior—and offers some coping strategies for living in the BYOD Era. If you're looking for more information, download this BYOD webinar featuring Security Guru Ken Smith!

Active Project Management; Facilitate, Don't Dictate

It is estimated by the Project Management Institute that 90% of project management is communication. The tasks involved with setting up a project, identifying sponsors, defining resources, schedules, managing risks, and critical paths are all important elements of large complex projects. Facilitating the team’s communication channels is the single most important effort of a good project manager.

To Converge or Not to Converge, That Is the Question

A popular growth area in the datacenter over the past decade, has been the concept of a hyper-hyper-converged infrastructure, and everyone wants a piece of the pie including HP, IBM, and Dell EMC.  All of these manufacturers will tell you that hyper-hyper-converged infrastructure is the greatest thing to happen to the X86 space in the datacenter since, well, we started building datacenters.  However, like any technology, this is not a one size fits all solution.

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