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Active Project Management; Facilitate, Don't Dictate

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Active Project Management; Facilitate, Don't Dictate

It is estimated by the Project Management Institute that 90% of project management is communication. The tasks involved with setting up a project, identifying sponsors, defining resources, schedules, managing risks, and critical paths are all important elements of large complex projects. Facilitating the team’s communication channels is the single most important effort of a good project manager.

To Converge or Not to Converge, That Is the Question

A popular growth area in the datacenter over the past decade, has been the concept of a hyper-hyper-converged infrastructure, and everyone wants a piece of the pie including HP, IBM, and Dell EMC.  All of these manufacturers will tell you that hyper-hyper-converged infrastructure is the greatest thing to happen to the X86 space in the datacenter since, well, we started building datacenters.  However, like any technology, this is not a one size fits all solution.

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