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Effective Communication Strategies for Successful IT Project Management

  By Kristi Samber, PMP, Project Manager   Effective communication throughout the life of a project is not always as easy as it sounds.  It does not mean sending more emails to more people, capturing every detail and delivering it to all project stakeholders, and it especially does not have to mean meetings. 

Increased Productivity & Design Flexibility: The Case for Migrating to SharePoint 2013

By Kevin Hall, Managing Director   Deciding when and how to migrate to SharePoint 2013 is not a small decision. If you’re on an earlier version than SharePoint 2010, Microsoft doesn’t offer an officially supported method for upgrading directly to 2013. Even if you are operating on 2010, upgrading the platform that so much of your business depends on creates risks and costs that must be offset by measurable business benefits.

NASCAR & Unified Communications: Get the Most Out of Your Investment

By Bill Kane, Practice Manager I’m a big NASCAR fan. NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Back in the day, good old boys would take stock cars, add seatbelts and roll cages and go racing. In the early days they even drove convertibles. Today they only look like stock cars from the outside with a bunch of advertisements on them. Everything about these cars is anything but stock. My wife would tell you that it’s a huge waste of time watching 40 guys go in a circle for 500 miles. What she doesn’t see is that there is more to racing than just being the best driver.

IT Infrastructure Project Management Methodology

By Stacy Toof, Director, PMO, Solutions You might be asking yourself, is there more than one methodology that can be used to manage a project?  What are those methodologies? Do you always use one consistent methodology?  What are the pros and cons of doing so? Can you shift mid-stream of a project? Ultimately, how do you know what methodology to use and when, or if it’s even necessary?

How our Managed Services Team Responded to Heartbleed

By Jay Keating, Vice President of Managed Services   A lot has been written about the Heartbleed bug impacting versions of OpenSSL software in recent weeks. For an in-depth description of what Heartbleed is and how to respond to the vulnerability, you can refer to or any number of 3rd party reports. This blog won’t review the actual weakness, but rather describe how our Managed IT Services team responded to the incident in support of our customers.

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