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Lawrence Kohan

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Want to Go Cloud? What’s the Use Case?

By Lawrence Kohan, Senior Consultant, LogicsOne This is the first of a two-part blog series intended to provide practical, real world examples of when it makes sense to use the cloud and when it does not. We’re well into an exciting new era in the technology world.  The buzz-words are flying around at light speeds, and talk of “Cloud” and “software-defined-everything” is all the rage. Advances in virtualization, which allows software processes to be decoupled from underlying hardware, is giving way to amazing possibilities for moving around workloads as needed; either between racks in a datacenter, or even between datacenters!  In addition, the concept of “Cloud” is very exciting with the possibilities it offers businesses to leverage these advances by being able to move workloads offsite for greater availability, redundancy, disaster recovery.

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