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Mario Brum

Mario Brum

With over 35 years of experience in designing and building best practices in IT Infrastructure, Mario has helped established businesses and startups grow their go-to-market strategy, global presence, and brand awareness by establishing rapport and credibility with customers. Mario is a customer-first advocate. He has built class A Pre-Sales organizations and has established a reputation as a leader, visionary, and mentor in the industry. Attaining these self-driven goals was achieved through the passion that he has for business, technology, and helping clients achieve their desired business objectives. In his first round at GreenPages, Mario was a significant contributor of developed Solutions and Professional Services offerings, putting the company on the map as one of the most sought-after IT Consulting Organizations in the country. Serving on the product direction committee board (PDC) of one of the most successful startups in the USA (SimpliVity), he was instrumental in driving initial product functionality, vision, and global strategy and setting the pace for the fast-growing startup to reach an over 1-billion-dollar valuation. He has been a part of two additional startups (CloudYn - Cloud Mgt and the latest, Loom Systems - AIOPs)—technologies that have all had significant impact in the industry and with customers alike. Mario is Portuguese—born in Angola, Africa—and speaks, reads, and writes Portuguese fluently. He also speaks Spanish.

Recent Posts:

CIO Fireside Chat Recap: Responding to a Ransomware Attack

By Mario Brum, VP of Practice Area and Technical Advisory Services, GreenPages   Mario Brum hosted our inaugural CIO Fireside Chat, an online event for business executives and IT experts about the latest tech topics and trends. In this blog post, Mario recaps the discussion on responding to ransomware attacks and shares data from a real-time poll showing how top cybersecurity leaders responded to this controversial topic. 

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