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Randy Weis

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The Storage (R)Evolution or The Storage Superstorm?

The storage market is changing, and it isn’t changing slowly. While traditional storage vendors still dominate the revenue and units sold market share, IDC concludes that direct sales to hyperscale (cloud scale, rack scale) service providers are dominating sales of storage. Hyperscale is the ability of an architecture to scale appropriately as increased demand is added to the system; hyperscale datacenters are the type run by Facebook, Amazon, and Google. 

EMC World 2015: Event Recap

After EMC World 2015, I’m languishing in airports today in post-conference burnout - an ideal time to deliver a report on the news, announcements and my prognostications on what this means to our business. The big announcements were delivered in General Sessions on Monday (EMC Information Infrastructure & VCE) and on Tuesday (Federation: VMware & Pivotal). The Federation announcements are more developer and futures oriented, although important strategically, so I’ll pass on that for now.

Disaster Recovery as a Service: Does it make sense for you?

Does disaster recovery as a service make sense for your organization? It is oftentimes more cost effective and less of a headache than traditional disaster recovery options. As the importance of information infrastructure and applications grows, disaster recovery continues to become more and more critical to a company's success. In this video, I break down the benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service and discuss how you go about finding a solution that fits your needs. Benefits include:

Flash Storage: Is it right for you?

In this video, I discuss flash storage. Remember, flash storage isn't just an enterprise play. It's important to understand how it can be used and when you should purchase it. Who are the mayor players? What's the difference between all-flash and hybrid or adaptive flash? What about single cell or multi-level cell? What's the pricing like?

Storage Has Evolved - It Now Provides the Context & Management of Data

Information infrastructure is taking storage, which is a very fundamental part of any data center infrastructure, and putting context around it by adding value on what has been typically seen as a commodity item.

EMC Acquired TwinStrata in July. What’s This Mean For You Moving Forward?

Video with Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Data Center

DRaaS: Speed to Market, Lower Costs, & Self-Service Capabilities

By Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Virtualization & Data Management

Why Nirvanix Doesn't Mean the End of Cloud Storage

By Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Virtualization & Data Management

A Guide to Successful Big Data Adoption

By Randy Weis, Practice Manager, Data Management & Virtualization

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