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The Emerging Technology Landscape: The New, the Hot, and the Unconventional

Posted by: Chris Ward
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The Emerging Technology Landscape: The New, the Hot, and the Unconventional

I recently did a video to discuss the emerging technology landscape around three primary areas:

  1. Revamping traditional customer-owned infrastructure
  2. Mobility
  3. Security

On the traditional side, hyper-converged infrastructure is huge. Players including SimpliVity, Nutanix and VMware with EVO:RAIL will be making a big impact over the next 12 months. We're also seeing a lot of traction with our customer base around what they should move to a cloud environment. How do you rationalize your application portfolio? What about the people and process piece? How are you going to operationalize the technology you implement? How do you get your teams trained to be able to handle new challenges? This is where GreenPages' Transformation Services really comes into play.

As far as mobility goes, security and access are huge here. Organizations need to look into segmenting mobile devices. For example, cutting a phone in half - having a personal side of the phone and a business side of the phone. Employees can have personal apps and games on one side and have the other be for business critical applications. The business side can be locked down and if an employee leaves, the business side can be wiped while leaving the personal side of the phone alone.

Enjoy the video & please reach out with any questions or comments!


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By Chris Ward, CTO, LogicsOne


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