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A Look Inside GreenPages: Corporate Culture & Technology Innovation

GreenPages: Helping clients compete and win in the digital era through the innovative use of technology.

Here's a short video we created to give our clients, partners, and peers an inside look at GreenPages, our corporate culture, leadership, and technology and business innovation. If you'd like to work with us or join our team, there are a few options below! 

Work with Us!

You can reach out to us through our Contact Us Page, or send us an email at! 


If you're interested in working at GreenPages, check out our Careers page! With positions in Kittery, Boston, Tampa and remotely, there are plenty of challenging and rewarding career options.


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New SEC Rules for Reporting Cybersecurity Incidents Are Coming

By Jay Pasteris, GreenPages CIO and CISO The SEC is proposing new cybersecurity rules for public companies. GreenPages' Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, Jay Pasteris, looks at the pros and cons of these rules and offers advice on how your company can prepare.

CIO Fireside Chat Recap: Responding to a Ransomware Attack

By Mario Brum, VP of Practice Area and Technical Advisory Services, GreenPages   Mario Brum hosted our inaugural CIO Fireside Chat, an online event for business executives and IT experts about the latest tech topics and trends. In this blog post, Mario recaps the discussion on responding to ransomware attacks and shares data from a real-time poll showing how top cybersecurity leaders responded to this controversial topic. 

How Microsoft Purview Simplifies and Secures Your Organization's Data

By David Barter, GreenPages Microsoft Technologies Practice Lead Managing disparate data sources is a challenge for today's hybrid workforces. But Microsoft Purview can simplify your data security, governance, and compliance.