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Cloudscape 2012: WhatsUp at GreenPages? Journey to success!

Posted by: Caitlin Buxton
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Cloudscape 2012: WhatsUp at GreenPages? Journey to success!

Guest Post from Caitlin Buxton, Director of North American Channel Sales, WhatsUp Gold Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc.

The WhatsUp Gold team attended the GreenPages Annual Technology Summit this week on the scenic New Hampshire/Maine Seacoast. This event was one of the most valuable technology summits we have participated in this year. The three-day event showcased all of GreenPages’ exemplary talent, skill, and professionalism that the organization brings to the IT community for both clients and vendor partners.

During the Partner Pavilion, we exhibited WhatsUp Gold’s Suite of Network Management and Log Management solutions and showed attendees how these solutions install, discover, and map network connected assets in minutes. We also showcased the powerful SNMP, WMI and SSH monitoring, alerting and notification capabilities, and web-based management which gives organizations a complete picture of an entire network infrastructure in real-time.

The entire GreenPages staff worked very closely with our team both in pre-event planning and during the event to make sure our investment and time was well spent by engaging with their clients, learning their challenges, and understanding how our solutions can make life easier. The GreenPages Account Managers were fantastic in providing insight into their clients’ needs and facilitating productive conversations.

I was also impressed by how many clients raved about the incredible value they receive from GreenPages. Repeatedly, I was told how hard the GreenPages team works to understand their individual business needs and helps to deliver solutions and information specific to their needs. They are always looking out for their customers’ best interests.

This is not surprising given that 100 IT Executives with limited time and budgets would not have travelled from all over the country for this event if they did not get significant value from it. However, it was refreshing to hear directly from the customers. It validates the pride I have in our GreenPages partnership knowing such a quality organization is on our team representing the WhatsUp Gold family of solutions.

Well done GreenPages! Thank you!


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