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Microsoft’s Big Easy: An Easy Way to Earn Some Extra Money

Just as apple picking, raking leaves, and football are reminders of fall, Microsoft’s end-of-year Big Easy Promotion is a reminder about how to obtain some extra subsidy dollars to put aside for future purchases.   Yes that’s correct, the Big Easy is back for another go round, and I know you’re excited.


You may be asking, what are you talking about?  Did you say Microsoft and promotion?  That’s like saying oil and vinegar, Athens and Sparta, Sox and Yanks. In fact there’s a greater likelihood of seeing Snuffleupagus walking down the street than seeing a Microsoft promotion. But today you’re wrong—it does exist, like Paula Abdul notoriously pointed out in 1989, opposites do attract.


In all seriousness, this is the 7th installment of the Big Easy and, nope, it has nothing to do with the hurricane drink or pralines, but rather a promotion that will provide you extra money for sales of Microsoft software.   Microsoft customers have had a lot of success with this in the past, and maybe you already know all about it so if you don’t, humor me. And if you do, pay attention because there are some subtle changes worth noting.


So here’s the scoop: based on qualifying purchases of Microsoft products you will earn money back in the form of a partner subsidy payout that can be used for implementation of future solutions and products including software, hardware, and services.   Basically, the gist of it is dependent on which product you purchase, how many licenses you get, and what program it is purchased in (i.e. Open Business or Open Value).  Microsoft will give you money back in a form of a check that you can use for future purchases.   It’s sort of like free money.


Like those new fall TV shows that suck you in to only be cancelled after a few short weeks, Microsoft’s Big Easy Offer is back for a limited time too: now until December 31, 2011.


Why are they doing this? It’s the last quarter of the year so what better time to have a promotion!


Cutting to the chase, if you purchase software through Open Business and Government or Open Value you have a chance to get hundreds or even thousands of dollars back.   Now Open Value is a program Microsoft is really pushing so if you happen to need licenses with Software Assurance, getting it through Open Value will provide a bigger payout for you. In fact, Microsoft is paying out three times as much money as Open Business, so if you’re looking at getting a license with Software Assurance, Open Value may be a plausible option because you could get some serious dough back.


There are several products included in this promotion which now includes Microsoft Online Services such as Office 365, Windows Intune & Dynamics CRM Online.


Now, once the order goes through, Microsoft will cut you a check that is made out to the partner of your choice and you can use that money for a future order.  The cool thing is Microsoft doesn’t care what you spend that money on.  In previous promotions you had to use it specifically for Microsoft products, but now you can purchase anything that the partner offers.


The past promotions have been very successful and no doubt this one will be too.  We all know that budgets are tight and any extra money is always a huge help and who knew Microsoft could be so generous.  Check out the Microsoft promotion pages to learn more about putting extra cash in your company’s wallet. Check out the details of this promotion from Microsoft.

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