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GreenPages Bloggers: 2014 Holiday Wish List

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GreenPages Bloggers: 2014 Holiday Wish List

With the holiday season upon us, we decided to speak with some of our bloggers here at GreenPages to see what they wanted this year!


greenpagesChris Ward, CTO: Full on Nest System to control my house

Dan Allen, Solutions Architect: Drone with a GoPro

John Dixon, Director, Cloud Services: DJI Inspire 1 with 4k video. 4,500 meter maximum altitude. No FAA license required!

Nick Phelps, Practice Manager, Network & Security: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Full HD with a Gimbal for under $1,400

David Barter, Practice Manager, Microsoft Technologies: EFI and Holley EFI/EUC Performance Monitoring with iPad interface built into the dash to the 600HP 472 that is my 69 Deville Street Rod

Geoff Smith, Senior Manager, Managed Services Business Development: My wish would be for something that is not actually available yet in the market but might be the single coolest idea I've heard in years - wireless electricity. Imagine that you could power your mobile devices, home electronics and even your electric car without having to run physical wiring or dealing with charging cords and stations. Recently, a pioneer in this space, WiTricity, announced that they are working with Intel to bring their patented wireless power transfer technology to the consumer market. You could be charging your laptop or mobile devices the moment you walk in the door without tying yourself to within 5 feet of an electrical outlet!

Irvin Metaj, Level III Managed Services Engineer: A 4 TB hard drive to back up my data (dealing with a cryptowall issue where files are corrupt/encrypted right now.


What's on your holiday wish list?


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