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Tech News Recap for the Week of 6/13/2016

Were you busy this week? Here’s a tech news recap of articles you may have missed for the week of 6/13/2016!

VMware acquired Arkin to help IT teams struggling to understand the big picture of cloud managment. In its biggest deal ever, Microsoft is buying LinkedIn Corp for $26.2 billion. Microsoft has also acquired Wand Labs to help improve messaging apps and bots with enhanced natural language technology. Flaws have exposed Cisco small-business routers and firewalls to hacking where attackers can take control of the affected devices by sending specifically crafted HTTP requests to them. Phishing attacks have caused losses to climb into the billions, a hacker takes credit for the DNC breach, and more top news from this week you may have missed! To stay up-to-date on the latest news throughout the week, follow us on Twitter!

Tech News Recap

  • VMware Acquires Arkin: Helping Customers "See the Forest for the Trees"
  • Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in its largest deal
  • Microsoft Snaps Up Wand Labs For Intelligent Communication Tech
  • Hacker claims credit for DNC breach, posts stolen files online.
  • FBI: Business Phishing Attacks Net Cyber Thieves $3.1 Billion
  • 97 Percent of Top Websites Lack Protection from Advanced Bots
  • VMware CEO Says Dell's Acquisition of EMC Will Have Positive Impact
  • Samsung to acquire US cloud services firm to boost software
  • How to prevent data from leaving with a departing employee
  • UNLV seeks $500,000 in state funding for Institute for Big Data
  • Sender Policy Framework: Ensuring Your Emails Get Delivered
  • Healthcare storage tech helps hospital improve delivery, speed of care
  • Google Launches AI, Machine Learning Research Center
  • Flaws expose Cisco small-business routers, firewalls to hacking
  • Women use tablets, men prefer Smart TVs, says revealing U.S. data
  • Companies paid more than $3.1B to fake-CEO email scams
  • IBM's Watson makes a move into self-driving cars with Olli, a minibus from Local Motors

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By Ben Stephenson, Emerging Media Specialist



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