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Tech News Recap for the Week of 03/14/22

If you had a busy week and need to catch up, here’s our recap of tech stories you may have missed the week of 03/14/22!

On-Demand CIO Webcast: Why Cybersecurity Must Start at the Top

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  • FBI and CISA warn over threats to satellite communication networks

  • 76,000 online scams taken down after tip-offs to suspicious email reporting service

  • These four types of ransomware make up nearly three-quarters of reported incidents

  • Microsoft: Here's how this notorious botnet used hacked routers for stealthy communication

  • 'Everyone loses': This new ransomware threatens to wipe Windows PCs if its victims don't pay up

  • This sneaky type of phishing is growing fast because hackers are seeing big paydays

  • Cybersecurity News: LokiLocker ransomware, Instagram phishing attack and new warnings from CISA

  • Escobar mobile malware targets 190 banking and financial apps, steals 2FA codes

  • CaddyWiper: More destructive wiper malware strikes Ukraine

  • Uncovering Trickbot's use of IoT devices in command-and-control infrastructure

  • Hit by ransomware or paid a ransom? Now some companies will have to tell the government

  • Ubisoft reveals 'security incident' forcing company-wide password refresh

  • Nasty Linux netfilter firewall security hole found

  • Email authentication helps governments and private companies battle ransomware

Thanks for checking out our tech news recap!

By Jake Cryan, Digital Marketing Specialist

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