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Tech News Recap for the Week of 11/05/18

If you had a busy week in the office and need to catch up, here’s our tech news recap of articles you may have missed the week of 11/05/18!


VMware ramps up on VMware Cloud on AWS, updates Cloud Foundation. Which clouds perform better, AWS, Azure or Google? Managing the next wave of IT disruption. ForeScout Technologies snaps up SecurityMatters and more top news this week you may have missed! Remember, to stay up-to-date on the latest tech news throughout the week, follow @GreenPagesIT on Twitter.

IT Operations


Dell EMC 


  • GreenPages and AWS will be presenting on how to "Build a Hybrid Cloud Architecture Using AWS Landing Zones" at AWS reInvent (Session ENT304)





  • The OPM hack explained: Bad security practices meet China's Captain America
  • This banking malware just added password and browser history stealing to its playbook
  • ForeScout Technologies snaps up SecurityMatters in $113 million deal
  • DerpTrolling game server DoS attack pleads guilty 

Thanks for checking out our tech news recap!

By Jake Cryan, Digital Marketing Specialist

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