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Tech News Recap for the Week of 11/3/2014

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Tech News Recap for the Week of 11/3/2014

Were you busy last week? Here’s a quick tech news recap of articles you may have missed from the week of 11/3/2014.

Tech News Recap

Microsoft is eliminating the fee to use most functions of its mobile aps for Office 365. Google cloud cuts prices yet again. Splunk is playing a major part in the Internet of Things. IDC is predicting the public cloud will be a $127 billion industry by 2018. ZDnet provided a review of smartwatches for work and for play. Drones could end up taking off in Europe before the US. There were also some good articles around converged/hyper-converged infrastructure, shadow IT, Microsoft Azure, mobile development and secure storage infrastructure.

What top tech news did we miss? Leave a comment with links to any quality articles from last week that other readers may enjoy!

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By Ben Stephenson, Emerging Media Specialist, GreenPages Technology Solutions


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