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Tech News Recap for the week of 11/7/2016

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Tech News Recap for the week of 11/7/2016

Were you busy this week? Here’s a tech news recap of articles you may have missed for the week of 11/7/2016.

Cyber fraudsters take money out of 20,000 Tesco Bank accounts. Why group chat is emerging as the hottest thing in IT. The top concerns for cloud computing adoption are visibility and security. Ransomware attack forces Madison County, Indiana to pay up. Hackers use DDoS attack to cut heat to apartments in Finland. Britain budgets $2.3 billion to defend and attack against hackers. Microsoft adds Kubernetes support to Azure Container Service. How AI makes security systems more flexible and more top news this week you may have missed!

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Tech News Recap


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By Jake Cryan, Digital Marketing Specialist


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