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Tech News Recap for the Week of 9/8/2014

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Tech News Recap for the Week of 9/8/2014


Were you busy last week? Here's a quick tech news recap of articles you may have missed from the week of 9/8/2014.

Tech News Recap

After the scandalous iCloud security breach Apple adds 2 factor authentication, Home Depot confirms a security breach, and researchers cracked a piece of TorrentLocker ransomeware using an encryption vulnerability. There were also some interesting articles around the Defense Department's outlook on cybersecurity, cloudwashing, the iPhone 6, as well as an interview with VMware's CTO of the Americas Chris Wolf.


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Tech News Recap for the Week of 03/01/21

If you had a busy week and need to catch up, here’s our recap of tech stories you may have missed the week of 03/01/21!

Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Being Actively Exploited in The Wild

By Randy Becker, CISO & VP, Network and Security Consulting It isn’t common for Microsoft to release a security update for an 11-year-old server application. So, when they do, people take notice. Especially when tied to Email. Microsoft has just released out-of-band security updates for a zero-day exploit that is actively being exploited in the wild. Of significant importance is that this is for all supported Microsoft Exchange versions plus Exchange 2010.

Zero Trust Does Not Mean Zero Access

By Randy Becker, CISO & VP, Network and Security Consulting Zero Trust is not new, but it has recently started to show up a lot in security circles. A quick search shows that there are a lot of organizations with thoughts on this topic. Given the infamous SolarWinds breach, we are starting to hear more about “Zero Trust,” “Defense in Depth,” and my personal favorite “Assume the Breach.” Last Friday CISA quietly posted the following important guidance on Zero Trust: NSA Releases Guidance on Zero Trust Security Model. This should be on the short list of reading for everyone.