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Top CIOs on Twitter

By Ben Stephenson, Journey to the Cloud

Vala Afshar (@valaafshar) of Enterasys Networks recently posted a list of the 50 most social CIOs on Twitter, along with 20 rising stars. If you’re on Twitter and looking to connect with peers and gain useful information, these CIOs are worth checking out. Vala’s list is below…What do you think? Did he leave anyone off that you think was worthy of making the list?

Top 50 CIOs on Twitter: [Name -- Company, Twitter Alias]

  1. Oliver      Bussmann -- SAP, @sapcio
  2. Jason      Smylie -- Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, @capriottisjason
  3. Jonathan      Reichental -- City of Palo Alto, CA, @Reichental
  4. Peter      Yared -- CBS Interactive, @peteryared
  5. Mike Kail      -- Netflix, @mdkail
  6. Brenda      Cooper -- City of Kirkland, WA, @brendacooper
  7. Ben Grey      -- Oak Lawn-Hometown District 123, IL, @bengrey
  8. John      Halamka -- Beth Isreal Deaconess, @jhalamka
  9. Susan      Bearden -- Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, @s_bearden
  10. Kelly      Walsh -- College of Westchester, @EmergingEdTech
  11. Casey      Coleman -- General Services Administration, @caseycoleman
  12. Victor      Fetter -- LPL Financial, @vpfetter
  13. Joe Palmer      -- Jefferson County, CO, @CIOJoe
  14. Phil      Komarny -- Seton Hill University, @PhilKomarny
  15. Brett      Bobley -- National Endowment for the Humanities, @brettbobley
  16. Rachel      Wente--Chaney -- High Desert Education Service District, OR, @rwentechaney
  17. Ben Haines      -- Pabst Brewing Co., @bhaines0
  18. Steven      VanRoekel -- Executive Office of the President, @stevenvDC
  19. Aaron      Batalion --, @abatalion
  20. Dan Webber      -- Prime Holdings BV, @SocialDanWebber
  21. Stephen      diFilipo -- Cecil College, @S_dF
  22. Paul Slot      -- KPN Corporate Market, @Tri4Ever
  23. Vivek      Kundra -- , @VivekKundra
  24. Sonny      Hashmi -- Deputy Chief Information Officer, GSA, @sonny_h
  25. Michael      Skaff -- LesConcierges, @mskaff
  26. Adam      Gerrard -- LateRooms group, @CIO_Adam
  27. Linda      Cureton -- NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, @curetonl
  28. Mark      Brewer -- Seagate Technology, @brewerma
  29. Jos Creese      -- Hampshire, @JosCreese
  30. Will      Weider -- Ministry Health Care, @CandidCIO
  31. John David      Son -- Naperville 203 School District, IL, @JDSCIO
  32. Kim      Stevenson -- Intel Corporation, @Kimsstevenson
  33. Brian      Miller -- Davenport University, @suydam
  34. Paul Coby      -- CIO and Head of BA Services at British Airways, @PaulCoby
  35. Drex      DeFord -- Steward Health Care, @drexdeford
  36. David      Sullivan -- City of Norfolk, VA, @ciophoto
  37. Glenn      Lanteigne -- South West LHIN, @GlennLanteigne
  38. Stephen      Lamb -- British Columbia Institute of Technology, @SEE_EYE_OH
  39. Laurent      Maumet -- SOITEC, @lmau
  40. Steve      Huffman -- Memorial Health System of South Bend, @SteveHuffmanCIO
  41. Brian      Nettles -- Sigma Solutions, Inc, @7bn
  42. Ganesan      Ravishanker -- Wellesley University, @ravishan
  43. Jon Walton      -- City of San Francisco, CA, @SFCityCIO
  44. Paul Dale      -- ITV, @paulcdale
  45. Bruce Maas      -- University of Wisconsin, @uwmadisonCIO
  46. Sean      O'Donoghue -- DreamWorks Animation, @seanwod
  47. Susan      Kellogg -- Kenan-Flagler Businss School, UNC, @susankellogg
  48. Thabo      Ndlela -- Sun International, @ThaboNdlela
  49. Steve Spot      -- Alarm New England , @SteveSpott
  50. Kelly      Flanagan -- BYU, @kelflanagan

20 Rising Star CIOs on Twitter (Name -- Company, Twitter Alias)

  1. Baz      Abouelenein -- Kansas City Kansas Community College, @CIO_Baz
  2. A. Michael      Berman -- California State University, Channel Islands, @amichaelberman
  3. Raechelle      Clemmons -- St. Norbert University, @rclemmons
  4. Sabine      Everaet -- Coca-Cola- Europe, @S_Everaet
  5. Scott      Fenton -- Wind River Systems, @sdfenton
  6. Bill      Greeves -- County of Roanoke, VA, @bgreeves
  7. David      Hinson -- Hendrix College, @davidjhinson
  8. Rick      Holgate -- Bureau of the ATF, @rickholgate
  9. Jeanette      Horan -- IBM, @jeanettehoran
  10. Roxane      Reynolds-Lair -- Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, @IBMiCiO
  11. Tom      LaPlante -- Top Golf, @tomlap
  12. Ernest      Lehmann -- Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital, @ernestlehmann
  13. John D.      McMillen -- Graves County Schools, Kentucky, @ujdmc
  14. Brian      Nettles -- Sigma Solutions, Inc, @7bn
  15. Dan Petlon      -- Enterasys, @DanPetlon
  16. Sukumar      Rajagopal -- Cognizant Technology Solutions, @rsukumar
  17. Bill      Schrier -- (former)City of Seattle, WA, @billschrier
  18. Wayne      Shurts -- Sysco, @wayneshurts
  19. Trad      Robinson -- SC School for the Deaf and Blind, @TradRobinson
  20. Joanna      Young -- University of New Hampshire, @unhcio



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