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Whose Job Is It Anyway? Microsoft, You & the Shared Responsibility Model

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Whose Job Is It Anyway? Microsoft, You & the Shared Responsibility Model

Many organizations have moved onto Office 365 and assumed that “Microsoft has got this.” No matter what SaaS-based platform you’re talking about, there will almost always be an expected shared responsibility to take care of and protect your data.

Tips to Control Cloud Costs Fast: Automate. Optimize. Repeat.

The vast features, capabilities, and limitless scale of modern cloud platforms enable technology professionals to solve business challenges using technology faster than ever. It’s also easier than ever to leave an unwanted trail of artifacts and services in our wake that can wind up costing tens of thousands of dollars or more in unnecessary cloud spend per year.

Four Thoughts, Three Weeks In: Staying the Course During COVID-19

A Message from Jay Keating, SVP of Service Delivery & Managed Services, GreenPages

Cybersecurity is a Constantly Evolving Puzzle

One of the things I enjoy thinking through is how malicious actors will evolve and what their next attack will look like. In a recent post, Sophos thought ahead to where the new landmines were going to be, understanding that bad actors are smart enough to move laterally across industries as well as adopt protective tools and styles that Cybersecurity practitioners employ.

Back to the Future: 2020 Cloud Predictions from 2015

We dove deep into our blog archive and discovered a gem from 2015, "Cloud Computing in 2020: Looking into that Crystal Ball." We got a few things right and we got a few things wrong, including the circa 2015 concept of a cloud architect being an "emerging idea." I thought it would be great to write an update on where we are now with these former predictions. We asked David Jones, GreenPages' Director of CSP Operations, to go back to the future and respond to our 2015 predictions. Read his responses (in green) below! Let's just hope Biff doesn't get his hands on this article in the past, you never know what he could do with it!

Multi-Cloud Management with Morpheus Data

I spent some time out in California with several tech/cloud/awesome companies for Cloud Field Day 6 (as well as with some amazing cloud delegates!) and I’ve been meaning to write about some of the really cool stuff that I saw out there. So with that, I want to tell you about Morpheus Data.

Microsoft's Azure Architecture Center: A Mind Map to Help You Navigate the Labyrinth

By Jeff Fudge, Client Services Director 

Last Hardware Purchase? HPE & GreenPages Partner to Guide Customers on Hybrid-Cloud Journey

Originally posted on The road to the hybrid cloud is anything but straight for many enterprise firms. Twists, turns and forks in the road can range from security and disaster recovery to automated services and workload management.

Inside the CISO Role: Cyber Security Threats, Trends & Tactics

“Security is not a project. Security transcends technology…it never stops.” —Randy Becker, Vice President, Security Operations & Chief Information Security Officer In this interview, Becker discusses the pivotal role of the modern CISO and the strategies that digital-era organizations are implementing to protect their businesses in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape. 

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