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From 3 Months Down to 27 Minutes: Hybrid Cloud DevOps

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From 3 Months Down to 27 Minutes: Hybrid Cloud DevOps

During AWS re:Invent 2018, Keith Townsend, from CTO Dose, sat down with GreenPages, Chris Williams, to talk DevOps functionality, on-premises and within AWS, and the value of developers and infrastructure experts working together. 

DevOps vs Ops: What Delivers the Best Value for the Enterprise?

Listen to Mark Schwartz, AWS Enterprise Strategist, discuss how cross-functional DevOps teams can turn complexity and uncertainty into opportunity by modernizing the way infrastructure is operated, shortening lead times by reducing handoffs, and increasing the speed at which new capabilities can be deployed to the business.   

Building a Next Gen Data Center to Leverage Public Cloud

Hear how GreenPages helped a retail management client modernize their current state infrastructure and design their target state public cloud environment to enable self-service, self-scaling, and self-provisioning.

The Four Zones Model: Maximizing the Business Value of IT

Business & IT Strategic Advisor, Peter Moore, works with CIO and leadership teams to help them find the right balance between running the business and changing the business. In doing so, he has developed something called the Four Zones Model. Each model is designed for different functions and helps IT function properly and most efficiently. The Four Zones Model includes the productivity zone, the performance zone, the incubation zone, and the transformation zone. The key overall principle behind the Four Zones Model is that, because the goals and objectives of these quadrants are so diverse, any set of management methods that create success in one zone is likely to cause failure in each of the other three. Check out the video below or download the entire Four Zones Model slide show that Peter presented at GreenPages Annual Cloudscape event this year, to learn how to avoid this problem and maximize the business value of IT within an organization. 

Hear how GreenPages solved a client's Microsoft Exchange issue with extreme agility, saving downtime

Learn how GreenPages’ customer, Westminster Canterbury Richmond, has benefited from our 13-year relationship working together to help the company innovate. "One of the benefits of working with GreenPages has been their agility. So, for my team, when we have an issue we can’t solve right away, or a crucial project that needs to be implemented quickly, GreenPages is able to offer the necessary services and staff." - Robert Mann, Director of IT, Westminster Canterbury Richmond

Cross Account VPC to VPC Peering

By Chris Williams

From Cloud to SpaceX: 5 Insights from AWS Guru Randall Hunt

GreenPages is proud to be an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner! If you’re interested in setting up an AWS workshop, including our VMware on AWS services, reach out to us.  

Setting Up a VPN Between Your Home Lab and AWS - Walk Through

Written by Chris Williams, Enterprise Consultant

GreenPages Is VMware Cloud on AWS Certified!

  VMware recently released VMware Cloud on AWS and GreenPages is proud to announce a partnership with VMware to provide this service to clients.

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