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Inside the CISO Role: Cyber Security Threats, Trends & Tactics

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Inside the CISO Role: Cyber Security Threats, Trends & Tactics

“Security is not a project. Security transcends technology…it never stops.” —Randy Becker, Vice President, Security Operations & Chief Information Security Officer In this interview, Becker discusses the pivotal role of the modern CISO and the strategies that digital-era organizations are implementing to protect their businesses in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape. 

Building a Next Gen Data Center to Leverage Public Cloud

Hear how GreenPages helped a retail management client modernize their current state infrastructure and design their target state public cloud environment to enable self-service, self-scaling, and self-provisioning.

Hear how GreenPages solved a client's Microsoft Exchange issue with extreme agility, saving downtime

Learn how GreenPages’ customer, Westminster Canterbury Richmond, has benefited from our 13-year relationship working together to help the company innovate. "One of the benefits of working with GreenPages has been their agility. So, for my team, when we have an issue we can’t solve right away, or a crucial project that needs to be implemented quickly, GreenPages is able to offer the necessary services and staff." - Robert Mann, Director of IT, Westminster Canterbury Richmond

Cisco Live 2018: Talos, DNA Center, & More!

By Kevin Dresser, Solutions Architect

5 Tips to Manage Your Passwords Like a Pro

Written by Nicholas Borgerson, Knowledge Manager & Level II Supervisor If you try to use the same few passwords for most of your accounts, then you're like most people, and exactly what a hacker hopes to find.  In this article I'll be talking about some tips on how to make good password, the need for a password manager, and what you should be doing to keep your passwords safe.

GreenPages Is VMware Cloud on AWS Certified!

  VMware recently released VMware Cloud on AWS and GreenPages is proud to announce a partnership with VMware to provide this service to clients.

What It Means to Be a VMware vExpert

For the third year in a row, GreenPages Solutions Architect, Chris Williams, was named a VMware vExpert! We are very proud of him for this impressive achievement. The VMware vExpert program is VMware's global evangelist and advocacy program. Check out the video below on what it means to Chris to be a VMware vExpert.

Fighting Modern Threats with Next Gen Firewalls

Listen to GreenPages’ network expert, Bobby Mazzotti, discuss how next gen firewalls go beyond basic threat management to deliver advanced intrusion protection capabilities and provide companies with superior visibility and control of their network. By inspecting traffic packets coming in from the host, next gen firewalls provide the extra layer of security necessary to protect businesses from modern threats such as ransomware and backdoor trojans. Check out the video below to learn more:

vSphere 6.5 Enhancements and Why You Should Upgrade

VMware updated vSphere to version 6.5 a little more than a year ago—and since a lot of customers tend to take a wait-and-see approach on software updates and new releases to ensure they really live up to the hype, it’s safe to say that vSphere 6.5 is stable, dependable, and built on infrastructure to keep up with new IT demands. If you haven’t upgraded yet, here are some reasons why you should consider making the move to vSphere 6.5.

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